Monday, November 24, 2008

Not me......Monday....

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"not me's"

This week no matter what anyone else tells you I did not or my family did not......

*No Sunday mornning I did not try on 3 pairs of my jeans that were all too small and try to squeeze them over by wide hips.... no I did not want to cry... and no I did not think tomorrow I will start exercising again so I can fit back into my pre-baby jeans.

*No I did not get REALLY excited and start clapping when I used a new coffee pot my parents gave me this weekend... and no I was not wearing my work clothes from the day before... and no I did not sleep in them all night either.... no not me.

*No I did not let my children eat french fries and ice cream for lunch because I did not want to fight the "food" battle. (They actually won the food battle)

*No Karsten did not announce that he had a little poo in his underware..... then he also did not say it was scratchie.

*No Addisyn did not ask me this week what a PERIOD was.... and she did not say "no mom not the one at the end of a sentance"... then when I told her it is when a girl's body starts to change and I mentioned that around 12-14 years old she will start to get bigger boobs.... she did not say that she already has big boobs so her's will not get any bigger.

*No I did not bribe Karsten with ice cream so he would take a picture with his brother and sisters while we were in Oak Glen.

*No I do not turn up my music in the morning while I get ready so that I can't hear the kids fighting..... if I can't hear them my morning goes much smoother. How sad.....

*No Karsten did not throw his graham cracker in the trash and then 20 minutes later he did not go get it out and start eating it again.... and then later that evening when we told him he could not have a snack he did not go back to the trash and find the graham cracker again and finish it off.

*No we did not feed Ainsley prunes and by the end of the jar she did not have her mounth wide open wanting her daddy to feed her faster...yuk!


The Bagley Bunch said...

hahaha--that last picture of Ainsely is so adorable! I love it :)

Anita Ann said...

that last picture is adorable. I stumbled upon your blog through a feed. I hope you don't mind.