Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not Me Monday

No matter what anyone tells you..... the following DID NOT happen this last week... NOPE! Check out for more laughs.

1. We did not pay $39.50 to go to the movies.... and Karsten did not fall asleep before the movie started.... and Luke did not talk loud the whole time we were there.... and Addisyn was not more worried about the popcorn rather than the movie.... and no we did not leave 1 hour into the movie because Ainsley was squealing in delight and babbling loud.... nope.

2. No Tim did not dress Ainsley in these tights and say that she was ready to go to Thanksgiving lunch over at my moms....

3. No I did not find Karsten in Ainsley's dresser this week and when I asked how he got in there he did not reply "Luke did it."

4. No I did not get bummed this week when Ainsley says DA-DA every time I tell her to say Ma-Ma.
5. No I did not tell Karsten the loud noise outside of my parents condo (a train) was Cat In The Hat so he would stop talking and go to sleep.
6. No I did not do cartwheels with my kids in a big open grassy field this week and thought I was going to break.... nope. And then the next day wonder why I was sore.

Challenge #2

Pray as you approach God's Word.....
As Christians we should pray as we get into the Word. We should pray for understanding.... pray for clarity.... pray for His will..... pray for others.... and commune with God. In the book I'm reading it states that we should "ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate the Word of God to your soul and your spirit. Ask Him to assist you in understanding the living Word of God."
Do you do this every single time you are in God's Word? I don't but I'm going to try from now on so let me encourage you also!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Encouragement to busy moms.....

My friend and I are going through a book together called "Life management for Busy Moms"..... as we go through it I want to encourage all of my BUSY friends to take a challenge with me. This book's whole point is to get in God's word daily.... every morning..... first thing. So as I continue reading it I will be posting some "main points" straight from the book and I encourage you to join in on these challenges. If you are up to it join along by leaving a comment and check back daily/ or every other day for another challenge (since we are busy I will try to post a challenge at least every other day). My goal is to get all of us busy moms into God's word daily and I think if we are accountable to each other it helps. By the end of this we should all by in a routine and making God our top priority daily! So here we go.....
Challenge #1: REFUSE TO MISS A DAY
As busy moms we need to make GOD our 1st priority. We need to set a schedule where we give God time. The author of this book states that it should be 1st thing in the morning, so we can feel refreshed throughout the day. She also suggests making a calendar and coloring in the days that you spend in God's word so you can look back and see if it is all colored in or if has missing boxes of color.
So let's do this... make some sort of calendar so you can see "concretely" if you are in God's word daily.
Good luck... let's see if we can make God 1st in all of our lives!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Not me......Monday....

Be sure to check out the following blog for a ton of funny

"not me's"

This week no matter what anyone else tells you I did not or my family did not......

*No Sunday mornning I did not try on 3 pairs of my jeans that were all too small and try to squeeze them over by wide hips.... no I did not want to cry... and no I did not think tomorrow I will start exercising again so I can fit back into my pre-baby jeans.

*No I did not get REALLY excited and start clapping when I used a new coffee pot my parents gave me this weekend... and no I was not wearing my work clothes from the day before... and no I did not sleep in them all night either.... no not me.

*No I did not let my children eat french fries and ice cream for lunch because I did not want to fight the "food" battle. (They actually won the food battle)

*No Karsten did not announce that he had a little poo in his underware..... then he also did not say it was scratchie.

*No Addisyn did not ask me this week what a PERIOD was.... and she did not say "no mom not the one at the end of a sentance"... then when I told her it is when a girl's body starts to change and I mentioned that around 12-14 years old she will start to get bigger boobs.... she did not say that she already has big boobs so her's will not get any bigger.

*No I did not bribe Karsten with ice cream so he would take a picture with his brother and sisters while we were in Oak Glen.

*No I do not turn up my music in the morning while I get ready so that I can't hear the kids fighting..... if I can't hear them my morning goes much smoother. How sad.....

*No Karsten did not throw his graham cracker in the trash and then 20 minutes later he did not go get it out and start eating it again.... and then later that evening when we told him he could not have a snack he did not go back to the trash and find the graham cracker again and finish it off.

*No we did not feed Ainsley prunes and by the end of the jar she did not have her mounth wide open wanting her daddy to feed her faster...yuk!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

It is actually AUTUMN!

Today after church we took a trip up to Los Rios Ranch in Oak Glen. It was so beautiful. The weather was amazing.... it was about 70 degrees, sunny, blue skies, and it actually looked like AUTUMN there. Our kids had a great time running in the leaves.... we could barely get them to slow down to take pictures.

Friday, November 21, 2008

My New Camera

Tim surprised me and got me a VERY nice camera for my Birthday... but of course I was using it just like my little point & shoot. But thanks to my friend Veronica... she gave me a couple pointers for using my new camera and boy did it make a difference. Check out these awesome pictures of Ainsley & Luke. Now I'm even more excited about my camera and all the fun things I can do with it. By the way I think Tim really got the camera for himself becuase he is enjoying taking pictures just as much as I do.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not me......Monday....

No...not me.....

*Last week I certainly did not miss "not me Monday" because I was not too busy with "things" that I just couldn't say "no" to.... no not me!*

*Last Friday I did not go on a fun girls night out to Palm Springs and while I was gone Tim did not let the children slide down the side of our bathtub like a water slide... nope!*

*Addisyn was not singing very loudly in the car to Hannah Montana and no she did not tell her brothers that she sings just like Hannah Montana... then she also did not tell them that no one could tell her & Hannah Montana's voice apart..... no... not Addisyn.*

*No I did not spend 1 hour and 45 minutes in Target on Wednesday because I did not run into 12 different people I knew... and no I did not just stand there and talk to them.... like I have all the time in the world to socialize.... no not me.*

*No our kids did not enjoy the water squirters at the aquarium more than all the fish and sea creatures.... nope.*
* No I did not tell my kids when they eat their boogers it is like eating poop.... no not me*

*No Karsten did not stand up in the bathtub and just pee.... oh and of course he did not laugh either.*

*No I did not leave my house 3 times last week without a shower because I thought I was going to workout that day.... but didn't... nope.*

*No I did not leave my coffee mug on the table and Karsten did not finish it off for me.... then he was not yelling around the house "COFFEE.... COFFEE... I NEED MORE COFFEE"... and then when I was buckling him in his car seat he did not have coffee breath... oh and no I did not leave my coffee mug on the table again the next day and no he did not drink it gone again.... nope.*

*No I did not eat Boston Baked Beans for breakfast one morning..... ans I did not think to myself... well they have protein because of the peanuts.... nope.*

*No Tim did not take up baton twirling..... ok he really did not but this picture is too funny not to post*

*No Tim did not tape his nose up and then proceed to tape up Luke's nose..... no they do not look like dorks (well they actually really look dorky)*

Luke's 4th Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Luke's 4th Birthday at Tumble Tots. His actual Birthday is on Wednesday the 19th. He had a wonderful time and was not overwhelmed at all so that was such a blessing. He said told everyone "thank you" after he opened his gifts and showed them off to everyone. When we got home tonight he could remember exactly what everyone got him... which is crazy because he opened over 25 gifts. He also asked if we have to return them tomorrow or if we can keep them (I think he is thinking it was kind-of like renting a movie at the Video Store). Anyways... thanks to everyone for sharing his special day with us. We appreciate all of our friends & family. Thanks also Veronica for being the photographer for the night.... I appreciate you!

Luke had a pirate theme party so he decided he needed to dress like a pirate.
My mom and I made the pirate cupcakes

My mom made the awesome pirate ship cake

Luke & Colby (his best friend from preschool)

Look at all those presents

All of Luke's friends and family

He is the HUGE pirate pinata.... we thought that thing was never going to break

Our family

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy 6 month Birthday AINSLEY JOY

I can't believe it has already been 6 months since God blessed us with our precious baby number 4! Ainsley turned 6 months today so we started off the morning with her 1st taste of food....
She started with organic oatmeal.... yummy!

As you can see at 1st she didn't like it much but by the end she was mad that we weren't going fast enough.

She also was getting fussy because she wanted the spoon.... of course she wanted to do it all by herself.... what is up with high maintenance girls???? Oh well... I guess it will be a good quality in the future.

Happy 6 month Birthday Baby Girl! We love you!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Just say NO!

So this post isn't going to have any funny stories or pictures but I was thinking about this earlier today.... why do I have such a hard time saying no? Do we as moms have trouble with this? OR maybe just me????? I tend to never say NO... yes I will be room mom, and yes I will get a gift basket together, and yes I will have a Mary Kay party, and yes I will meet you for lunch, and yes I will go to girl's night, and yes I will make you dinosaur chicken nuggetts.... and list goes on and on and on.... don't get me wrong I LOVE doing things for people and being involved with my kids but sometimes enough is enough. I feel like the 1st person I spend less time with is God... I fill my days with so many "things." Just wondering your thoughts?????

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Not me Monday......

Not me Monday...... check out the girl's blog to see other peoples
"not me" Mondays......

1. On Halloween Veronica did not pretend to ride a stick pony while giving me some photography lessons..... nope. 2. Tim did not act like a dork and put a eyeball in his eye.... then he did not tell jokes about it all night. Nope.

3. Luke was not on the toliet singing "Lords Army" and I did not look over to see him bouncing up & down like he was riding a horse.... and then he did not proceed to shoot ... all while he was going #2... nope.

4. Karsten did not say this week that he wanted to be a police man so he could shot people.... no not our Kar-Kar.

5. No Karsten did not throw 22 washcloths in a bath tub full of water. Nope.

6. No I did not make 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies this week and no I did not burn all of them... and no my kids did not eat them anyway.... nope.

7. No Karsten did not tell a teacher at his school this week, "See you later alligator... after while pee-pee head."

8. No Karsten was not totally decked out in girls clothes today while I was working on the computer. No he did not have bright green snap-on earrings dangling from his ears, and he did not have a bright pink dress on, and he also did not have on ballet slippers and lip gloss.

9. No I did not have to take a double look at the floor in the laundry room.... no I did not think that there was poop on the floor... but it was only Karsten's tootie-roll from the Halloween candy.