Monday, March 23, 2009

Please pray.....

Please pray for baby Stellan he is in the hospital and not doing to well. To read the details please go to:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

This week in our house none of the following happened! Nope never.......
For more fun Not Me's go to:
1. No I did not clean out my fridge on Sunday and throw all the left over veggies into a salad for lunch.... I would never do that because I only ever use FRESH veggies!
2. No I did not meet Tim's cousins for the 1st time and no Tim and I have not been together for over 12 years.....3. No I did not have an AWESOME time with some girlfriends from Sanctuary Church... no we did not pig out at PF Changs then hit up free See's Candie samples, and have a wonderful time hanging out and shopping at Victoria Gardens!

4. No Ainsley did not wear this adorable shirt to Church backwards and no I did not realize it was backward until 4:00 on Sunday afternoon.... nope never!
5. No Addisyn is not wearing a shirt that I got at the preschool's rummage sale and no I did not only pay 25 cents for it and no she did not love it!

6. No I did not organize all my cords (cell phone, camera, I-pod... ect) and put them into there own zip lock baggies and label them with a pen. No I'm never anal about orgaization.... never!
7. Karsten was not mad at Luke but knows he is not allowed to say stupid so he did not yell, "Luke you are the S word."
8. No my friend Veronica did not bust out her Lemongrass lotion at Church and use it in my hair during the service so my little "new" bangs would stay down.
9. No I was not eating a necterine while on Facebook and no I did not eat the label on the outside of the necterine.....
10. No these are not the 25 cents pants I scored at the preschool's rummage sale.... no I was not so excited that I had Veronica take a picture for my not me's.
11. No I did not take care of our friends baby named Baylee and no she was not so sweet and perfect the whole time!

12. No I did not drive with my parking break on for over 2 miles.... why would I ever do something like that????
13. No Karsten did not write all over our nice couch and pillows with an ink pen and then later that same day he did not throw our "decorative" towels into Ainsley's bath water.
14. No Addisyn did not announce to the boys in the car that there are 2 kids of SUCKERS. One that you eat and the other is a name you call someone. Nope... never... I have perfect children!