Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not Me Monday

No matter what anyone tells you..... the following DID NOT happen this last week... NOPE! Check out for more laughs.

1. We did not pay $39.50 to go to the movies.... and Karsten did not fall asleep before the movie started.... and Luke did not talk loud the whole time we were there.... and Addisyn was not more worried about the popcorn rather than the movie.... and no we did not leave 1 hour into the movie because Ainsley was squealing in delight and babbling loud.... nope.

2. No Tim did not dress Ainsley in these tights and say that she was ready to go to Thanksgiving lunch over at my moms....

3. No I did not find Karsten in Ainsley's dresser this week and when I asked how he got in there he did not reply "Luke did it."

4. No I did not get bummed this week when Ainsley says DA-DA every time I tell her to say Ma-Ma.
5. No I did not tell Karsten the loud noise outside of my parents condo (a train) was Cat In The Hat so he would stop talking and go to sleep.
6. No I did not do cartwheels with my kids in a big open grassy field this week and thought I was going to break.... nope. And then the next day wonder why I was sore.

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