Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy 6 month Birthday AINSLEY JOY

I can't believe it has already been 6 months since God blessed us with our precious baby number 4! Ainsley turned 6 months today so we started off the morning with her 1st taste of food....
She started with organic oatmeal.... yummy!

As you can see at 1st she didn't like it much but by the end she was mad that we weren't going fast enough.

She also was getting fussy because she wanted the spoon.... of course she wanted to do it all by herself.... what is up with high maintenance girls???? Oh well... I guess it will be a good quality in the future.

Happy 6 month Birthday Baby Girl! We love you!


Olson Avenue said...

Happy 6 months Ainsley!! We Love You!!

The Bagley Bunch said...

aaaaaw---what a big girl!! We love you so much Ainsley!!

The Bagley Bunch said... Karsten in his chonies in the background :)