Saturday, January 30, 2010

We are close to 2.... and boy I'm showing it!

WOW! As Ainsley is getting closer to 2 years old she is getting more feistier than ever. Here is her lastest....

1. Screaming for anything and everything.

2. Standing in every grocery cart and high chair.

3. Signing all done and yelling, "all done" every time we are in the car.

4. Climbing on every table and chair in the kitchen.

5. Arching her back when it is time to get in her car seat.

6. Not wanting to hold my hand.... especially in parking lots.

7. Crying when it is time to take and nap or go to bed.

8. Shaking her head no back and forth when a song she doesn't like comes on in my car.

9. Jumping from mommy's arms to daddy's arms when I tell her no.

10. Playing in the toliet water ever chance she gets.

But with all of this she is still so precious and we cherish every minute we have together.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Remind me to NEVER take all 4 kids to the dentist alone!

I don't know who's great idea it was for me to take all 4 young children to the dentist by myself..... oh yeah... it was my great idea.
So I pick up Addisyn from school early and she is hungry so I give her a chocolate cookie in the car.... yes on the way to the dentist!
We walk in and the entire waiting room is full.... not one seat is open.
Since it was our 1st time at this dentist I have to fill out the forms.... so there I am trying to balance the forms in one hand while pulling Ainsley away from the brochures that she is throwing all over the ground and telling the boys to stop tackling each other. All of a sudden I hear someone yell, "Sandy" I look over and it is one of my mom's employees from work, Lisa. We walk over there and she makes her 2 kids get up so we can sit down.... well, after Ainsley dumps out my purse for the 3rd time and the boys are pretending to be dogs and lifting their legs and peeing on each other. Yes... they are lifting their legs and pretending to pee on each other. So there I'm trying to fill out the paperwork and keep the kids from peeing on each other and I look over and Ainsley is standing on a chair trying to pull a HUGE picture off the wall. I get her down and continue to fill out the papers and she starts this screaming thing. She is running through the waiting room screaming in joy. I keep saying shhhhh and she continues... she looks at the boys and they laugh so of course she gets louder, at that point I lost it! I made them all go into the bathroom and what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom. Let's just say we left the bathrooms and they were "new" children, actually they acted like soldiers from that point on.
They did great during their appointments, other than a few tears from Addisyn. They were super excited that they got new toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss. (Side note- the floss somehow ended up in my dryer tonight tying 3 pieces of clothes together). I am so pleased to announce they are all CAVITY FREE!!!!
So next time I forget how bad it really was please remind me to find a babysitter for at least the screaming, redecorating, purse spilling baby.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Guess who learned to ride BIG BOY BIKES?

While we were gone on the AMAZING CRUISE our boys learned to ride their bikes without training wheels. When we got home they wouldn't even let us go into the house before they jumped on their bikes to show off. We were so surprised because Addisyn didn't learn until she was 6 years old. We are especially proud of Luke because Karsten always does everything physical before him and this time Luke is actually better at riding his bike. Here are some photos that I captured.
Here is Karsten (just turned 4 this month).... I guess this is his concentrating face? Here is Luke (turned 5 in November). He is always smiling!

Monday, January 25, 2010

MckMama Cruise...... we are home!

We had an AWESOME time on the Cruise last week. Before we left we were nervous about the other Mck Cruisers ..... were they going to be freaks? Stalkers? Weirdos? But we were so SURPRISED! Everyone was nice, friendly, and fun. We build some AWESOME friendships. We were able to connect, reveal our hearts, and even laugh hysterically. Tim and I had the time of our lives and look forward to meeting up with some of our new friends again in the future. I will be posting lots of pictures but haven't uploaded them yet. You can check out a couple of Tim and PC hitting the water slide together at Margaritaville, here is the link:
Thanks to everyone who help take care of our precious children. We know it is hard work and appreciate you very much!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Oh Karsten..... you make us laugh every day. We enjoy your full of life attitude and your toughness. We also love how sweet you can be. You love to snuggle and whisper I love you in our ears. You are an amazing boy and we hope you have a great 4th Birthday!