Monday, February 23, 2009

Not me......Monday....

No matter what anyone else thinks none of this happened in the Stein house.... nope!
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1. No a Hummingbird did not fly into our house when I was unloading bags from Target

2 hours later the Hummingbird was not perched on a high windowsill enjoying our house & it did not come down so I did not leave the house to go to Karate and leave it flying around free in our house
then 2 hours later when we got home Tim did not use the pool net to try to catch it

finally after about 15 minutes Tim did not catch it and release it outside.... no the Hummingbird did not stay in our house more than 6 hours that day.... nope!

2. This week we did not eat out almost every single day and no of course we did not eat out sometimes even twice in one day.... nope never. We always eat healthy and our kids never have sugar or fast food... nope not me!

3. I was not discussing with Luke how it hurts people's feelings when he says they are fat and then I did not ask him if he likes it when people hurt his feelings and he did not reply... "I don't have feelings...." and I look in my mirror and his mouth is wide open and he is pointing in it, and then he does not say, "No look see I don't have black things on my teeth...." I did not then just let him think feelings and fillings were the same thing... nope never.

4. No I did not have a tampon sticking out of my jeans pocket while I took Addisyn to school, then went to the bagel shop, got gas, and dropped the boys off at school and no one told me... nope not me. (Don't worry it was not used.)

5. No this is not pieces of wood that belongs under our bed and Tim did not sit down on our bed to tie his shoes and the bed did not brake and fall all the way to the floor. (Really I know what you are thinking because we have 4 kids in 5 years but honesty he was just tying his shoes).
6. No Tim did not go to 31 flavors at 9:30 at night to get me a shake because I wanted something sweet... no I do not have an AWESOME HUSBAND. Never!
7. No Addisyn did not wear her black velvet Christmas dress from 2 years ago to school on Friday and no she did not wear bright red pants under it either. Nope!

8. No Tim did not say to Karsten when he saw him playing with these toys, "Hey Karsten are you screwing the horny animal?"

9. No my friend Heather and I did not have the kids make cinnamon & sugar chips and then we did not forget to set the timer and they did not burn into black chips in the oven... no her new house did not feel with smoke. We are way more responsible than that!

10. No the boys do not LOVE the Veggie Tales movie "Jonah" and no I did not tell Luke that if he doesn't obey God then he would get eaten by a whale.... nope never... I only use nice, kind words with my children.

11. I did not MAKE my kids stay on the couch and watch Veggie Tales while I was getting dinner ready. I also did not say that they would go to the time-out rug if they got up.

12. No I did not mix spinach into stuffed bell peppers so the kids would eat veggies without knowing... because my kids are super healthy and love veggies. And no they did not notice and say "what is this green stuff, it is sooo gross!"

13. No I did not find a peanut butter cracker in Karsten's footed zip up jammies when he took them off in the morning for a bath.

14. Tim and I did not get to go on a fun date to PF Changs and have a very yummy meal and no we did not get dessert for the 2nd time this week!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

For Valentine's weekend we went to Idyllwild with 4 other families. We had a great time hanging out with our friends and playing in the snow. Thanks to Stephanie & Christian for organizing this fun retreat!

Here is our big boy LUKE who didn't love being cold..... but he got use to it as time went on.....

Karsten LOVED the snow..... he loved sledding.... he had a great weekend!

Here is Karsten sledding down a hill all by himself..... be jumped on and went for it! Keith spent many hours digging out and making this AWESOME Snow Cave... it was so cool.... this is a picture of the kids inside of it.

We went into town on Saturday afternoon for coffee and to check out the shops..... here is Jannae & Baylee and Ainsley & I

Here is Christian & Stephanie's little princess..... Brooke

Here are our friends the Spencer's..... Chad, Michelle, and Everest
Here is Tim and our precious snow baby.... Ainsley

We didn't have a bathtub in our cabin so the sink worked great. It was neat to see them in the warm bath but if you look right out the window behind them the trees are covered in snow.

Here is Melissa and Cameron Clayton.....
Here are the kids waiting for their Valentine presents from mommy and daddy..... we gave them each a small stuffed animal and a container of cookies.

Ainsley and I outside our little cabin......

Michael, Baylee, Addisyn, Tim, Karsten, Luke, Christian, and Brooke watching a movie.

Ainsley getting ready to sled.....

Here is our snow princess Addisyn posing for a picture...

Ainsley all bundled up....
Addisyn and Michael going for a ride.....

All of the kids.... Ainsley, Cameron, Brooke, Everest, Brooke, Addisyn, Luke, & Karsten

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Body Butter....


That was all I could say..... then Tim come here and grab the camera....

So there I was taking a nice warm bubble bath reading a magazine while having a face mask.... thinking all the kids were in bed. Karsten has a really hard time sleeping whenever he has a nap and today Tim napped him because we went to a late Basketball game that Addisyn was cheering at. Karsten had been awake when I got into the bath but I thought he had gone back to bed.... I was wrong. I get out of the bath and look over to see this:

Then I look a little harder and see this......

I could not believe it but then again it is Karsten....So needless to say I guess my brand new Irresistible Apple Body Butter is really irresistible like the package states... back to Bath and Body works I go.... but I'm taking money out of Karsten's piggy bank!