Monday, December 29, 2008

Please pray.....

Please pray for Mcmama's baby Stellan... he has RSV and is VERY sick. Please pray for complete healing and also for his family. For more details check out her blog at:

Monday, December 22, 2008

Not me......Monday....

Not me Monday.... no matter what anyone else tells you none of the following happened this week... NOPE! NEVER!

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No... Luke was not licking yogurt off our kitchen table.... no he does not LOVE yogurt... and no he would not eat 8-10 a day if we let him. So no we did not have to set a 2 per day limit... nope!

No we did not let Ainsley play with a bottle of pills during Luke & Karsten's Christmas show to keep her content and happy... nope!

No our boy's do not LOVE piggy banks and no they do not have a missing ear and no not a missing head... nope!

No we did not go to a Ugly Sweater Party on Friday night and WIN wearing these sweaters... and boy did everyone come up with some names for mine.

On Saturday night we did not go to another Ugly Sweater Contest and our friend Daniel did not wear this UGLY handmade sweater with a picture of Tim on the back.... and no Daniel did not win.
While at the party the boys DID NOT cheat at the games and gave each other high-fives every time they won.

No we did not take this HUGE rocking fish to the party as a White Elephant Gift and our friend Veronica did not have a great time riding it.... nope.

No my brother-in-law Reid did not wear this Ugly thing to the party and he did not parade around in it... and no they didn't figure out until later that it was a women's nightie.....
No I did not let Addisyn go to school and to her Christmas party without brushing her hair... nope.

No I did not let Ainsley chew on wrapping paper while at Addisyn's classroom Christmas party to keep her happy & content so I could help hand out the food.

No it is not 3 day until Christmas and no there is still not only 1 ornament on our tree.... nope.

No Addisyn is not finally strong enough to climb to the top of the rope at Tumble Tots and no we are no soooo proud of her!

No I did not put Ainsley in the sink for a bath 2 nights in a row so I could make dinner.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Luke & Karsten's Christmas Program

Luke & Karsten's Preschool Christmas Program
This past Monday evening was the Christmas program at the boys' preschool. Luke did a great job. He sang all the words and did all the hand motions. He has come so far... 2 years ago he would have never been able to handle all of the people and the noise. We are so proud of him. Karsten didn't really know what to think.....he was staring off into space. He was so over tired from a long day at school and no nap he mostly just stood there and took it all in. Jolie (my niece) was really into it. She is normally shy but not on Monday night.... she was twirling her dress and singing away... she did awesome!

Luke and his teacher... Miss. Gina

Karsten and his teacher.... Miss. Karol

Karsten and Jolie

Luke proudly singing all the words...

Jolie rockin out to the Christmas carols

Monday, December 15, 2008

Not me......Monday....

Not me Monday.... no matter what anyone tells you the following DID NOT happen this week in the Stein home..... check out more fun "not me's" at

1. Of course I did not let Karsten go to OPEN GYM at Tumble Tots in this outfit.... and no the wind was not blowing... and no it was not raining.... and no Karsten did not have on swimming trunks.
2. No Ainsley did not poop in the bath this week..... it was a raindeer.... how dear you think my precious would do such a thing. And no her mom did not take a picture of it for "Not ME Monday."

3. No I did not turn my head for 1 second to find Karsten up on the kitchen counter trying to find some money for him and his brother. By the way no he is not wearning Elmo underware.
4. No I did not realize today that we had never blown bubbles for Ainsley... at first she didn't know what to thinkl but then she loved it.... no I'm not a lame mom who forgot that babies love bubbles.

5. No I did not find Karsten helping me feed Ainsley when I got up to answer the phone.... what a good BIG brother.
6. No I did not get sad for a second when our baby girl learned to clap like a BIG girl... nope

7. No I did not find Karsten dressed like this..... no never... and NO Addisyn did not help him put it on.
8. No I was not checking my e-mail when I looked over and saw this..... don't worry they were just changing each others diapers. And no that is not our down comforter on the floor in background because no Addisyn did not throw up all over it on Monday night.. nope.

9. No it is not only 11 days until Christmas and NO I have not decorated the inside of my house... and NO i have not sent out my Christmas cards.... no not me!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Not me......Monday....

No matter what any one tells you the following DID NOT happen this week... nope.

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1. No I didn't try to take a bubble bath this week and with in 5 minutes Karsten was not taking off his clothes to get in and no Luke did not throw in a toy boat in... and then no they did not stand there the whole time as asking to please get in... nope.

2. This week Karsten did not waddle into the house with his pants & under ware at his ankles and I asked him what he was doing and No he did not reply, "I went pee in the grass."

3. No Addisyn was not balling her eyes out on the way to her Christmas show this week and she did not yell out "These shoes make me look fat."

4. No we did not participate in the Annual Redlands Christmas parade and NO Tim did not drive the BIG yellow tumble bus full of kids... nope

5. No Addisyn did not put her tank top on as pants and her pants on like a shirt..... nope

6. No I did not let Karsten get in the bath with this sock on his foot to protect his blister that he got from NOT wearing his cowboy boots without socks to school on Friday... nope

7. No Addisyn did not dress Luke up like Tinkerbell and Jo Jo from Jo Jo's Circus..... and No Karsten is not wearing his cowboy boots again with swim shorts and no socks... nope

8. No Ainsley did not spit up at our Family Pictures yesterday...... and Veronica did not take the picture at the very right second... nope

9. No I did not let the kids put on temporary tattoos this last week even though I hate temporary tattoos (I really don't like them...)10. Last but not least.... no I did not owe the bagel shop 50 cents because I could not find any more change at the bottom of my purse.... and of course I did not want to use my debit card because I would get charged and extra 50 cents.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Check this out.....

So as many of you know I love reading this girl's blog.... she is an amazing girl.... anyway right now she is doing this GREAT contest and I suggest you click on the link to your right and join in.... check it out!