Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Karsten Noah!

Today is Karsten 3rd Birthday. The last 3 years has been a blast with this little guy.
Karsten you have such a precious face.... every time I look at you I can't help but think you are so adorable. You are such a boy... you love dirt, swords, pirates, superheroes, guns, skateboards, scooters, bikes, and wrestling.
You are SUPER independent.... you love to dress yourself, bathe yourself, buckle your own car seat, put your shoes and socks on, you will struggle and NOT ask for help. You are a big boy and we are so proud of you.
We love how rough you are yet how sweet your words are. You keep us on our toes and we are loving every minute of it. Thanks for being yourself, thanks for keeping us smiling, thanks for being our Bam-Bam, thanks for hugging us tight, thanks for being polite, and thanks for making us laugh all the time. Daddy, mommy, Addisyn, Luke, and Ainsley love you very much! Happy Birthday Gussy!
Here are some pictures from his Birthday party at Tumble Tots on Sunday:
Grammy made this special Spiderman cake for him.....

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday....

Blowing out his candles....

Eating a Spiderman cupcake....

Hula Hoop Time....

Present time..... his favorite was his Guitar from his best buddy Jaxon....

Pinata time.....

Us and our precious BIG 3 year old...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Not me......Monday....

No matter what anyone told you the following DID NOT happen last week in the Stein house... NOPE!

1. No I did not miss NOT ME MONDAY last week because I was freaking about about getting a million things done.... no never, not me.
2. No I do not match my kids every year in matching PJ's for Christmas eve so on Christmas morning the pictures will be cuter.... no not me. And Karsten did not have a little accident on his PJ's and no I did not make him wear them anyway... NO NEVER!

3. No my kids did not have more fun in a box than they had opening presents on Christmas eve... nope!

4. No we did not go to Ikea and fill my car with furniture and load Addisyn & Ainsley in with no extra room... and no it was completely safe and secure!

5. No I did not get mad at the lady at the Baker's drive-thru when she said that she could only give out 2 FREE cups of water per car.... and No I did not think about driving back through again so I could get one more for Karsten.... Nope!

6. No my precious baby Ainsley did not have an awesome 1st Christmas Eve... nope!

7. No I was not freaking out on Christmas Eve when I looked back at the pictures that Tim took and noticed how much of a mess there was... nope.
8. No I did not put Ainsley's Christmas Eve dress on and when Tim went to change her diaper he did not find that her bloomers were still attached to her dress and not on.... no I was not in a hurry that morning to have Tim's family over for breakfast... nope!

9. No my boys did not ride on their new punching bags as if they were rockets... nope never!

10. No I did not tell Karsten that his red Quicksilver shirt was a Spiderman shirt so he would wear it to his Spiderman party.

11. No my 4th child is not spoiled and no every time I walk out of the room she does not scream and then she does not laugh when I return.... nope!

12. No Addisyn did not loose her 2nd tooth this week and before bed she did not pray that the Tooth Fairy would bring her $200. Don't worry Miss. Fairy only left $2. And no that is not her sleeping with her new Cat blanket she got from Christmas.

13. No I did not loose sleep this week thinking about how I could get my house more organized... nope.

14. No I did not walk 6 small children (my 4 and Jill's 2) to the park in the cold with a baby with a runny nose... no never.... why would I do that? And no those are not my clean rugs hanging out to dry and of course they are still not out there 3 days later.

15. No I did not find both of my knobs on our bed unscrewed... and no I do not think it was my little angel Karsten..... why would he ever do something like that?

16. No I did not let Karten ware a sock over his boo-boo on his hand in the bath.... hopefully this will not last as long as it did with the boo-boo on his foot... no he did not bathe with a sock over his foot for over 2 weeks... nope never

17. Yesterday I did not get soup all prepared in the Crockpot to come home to find it just how I had left it NOT TURNED ON! No I did not waste about $15 worth of beans, chicken, and veggies.... no not me!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thanks for your pryers...

Thank you to eveyone who prayed for Tim's best friend and his wife. Their baby Brayden Thomas was born this morning at 4:59 am by a C-section. I don't have any other details but both baby and mommy are doing well! Thanks again!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Keep in your prayers...

Tim's best friend Josh and his wife (Donna) went in last night to be induced to have their 1st baby. After almost 24 hours she has had hardly any progression. The Dr wants to do a C-section tonight but they asked if they can please wait through the night to see if their precious baby would come on its own. Please pray that her body will start having regular contractions and that the baby stays safe. Pray also for wisdom for the Dr. in making decisions. She is 3 days overdue and ready to have him. Thanks for your prayers. Please leave a note so I can forward your encouragement to them. Thanks!