Saturday, May 30, 2009

Please pray.....

Can you please join with us in prayer for this little guy named Jordan. Here is the link to a blog that was recently started for him:
This was a sudden and shock to everyone. We do not know them personally but they are neighbors and good friends with my sister's, brother-in-law in Yucaipa. Pray for comfort for Jordan's mom, dad, and big brother. Pray that they will see Jesus in this event and lay everything at HIS feet. If you would like to leave a comment I will pass it on to his family. Thanks for taking time out for this family.
Can you also keep in prayer Tim's mom. She has been in the hospital since Wednesday night. She had surgery because they found a Staff Infection in her pinkie finger that was eating her bone. She is hopefully going to get discharged today but will have to have a pic line in her for medicine for at least a month. Please pray for fast healing and also that they will kill the infection all the way this time. She had the same exact thing 2 years ago on the opposite hand but it must have went dormant in her body. Please also pray for her strength because she has been really sleepy and sort of "out-of-it." Thanks for taking time for lifting her up to the Lord.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Addisyn's 1st Field Trip Out of 4

Today we went to the Redlands Fire Station for a field trip. Addisyn enjoyed herself & learned a lot.
It was exciting to see one of Tim's friends that is a firefighter. We haven't seen in a while.... probably since Addisyn was a baby. He was in our wedding and played Baseball with Tim in College. Here is Addisyn getting ready to spray the fire hose with KJ.

After the Fire Station the whole class walked over to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream. Addisyn loves ice cream!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Not me......Monday....

No matter what anyone else tells you none of the following happened this week..... NOPE NOT ME!

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1. No my kids were not standing in awe and watching the tortilla video at California Adventure as if they have not seen it over 30 times.... we always thought it was the free tortilla there were going after but I guess it was the video.

2. No this is not the inside of our toilet all colored in pen.... and of course when I asked Karsten about it he did not said, "Well someone left the pen out for me."

3. No this is not Karsten having a hay day with his sisters stamps. And of course he was not covered in ink from head to done with he was finished. Nope!

4. Of course I would never let Karsten eat off the floor and also straight out of the bowl... nope not me!

5. No we did not have a good time at Disneyland on Thursday until Minnie Mouse decided.....
she wanted Luke to see her.... and of course Luke was not hiding behind the jog stroller and no of course sweet Minnie did not chase after him.... (I'm not kidding she CHASED after him).... yes with a line full of people waiting for her... and no did not traumatize Luke now... I think for a long time. It was actually really a sad and sort of mean situation.

6. No my newest niece was not born last Monday and no she is not the sweetest thing ever.

7. Of course this is not my child who climbed up on the wall at Disneyland to take a drink from the drinking fountain and of course he is not putting his mouth all over it..... nope not me!

8. No my mom, my friend Tammy, and I did not make over 60 of these adorable cupcakes for Ainsley's 1st Birthday! Nope!

9. No Ainsley did not get her 1st Cheetos at her Birthday Party yesterday and no Luke did not freak out because she need "little pieces."
10. No of course I was trying to change Ainsley's diaper in the stroller and she did not decide to pee all over.... nope! Then later we were not trying to figure out why Karsten had wet pants.... and then we realized he had sat in the pee!
11. No the boys did not fall asleep at 5:30 on the way home from Disneyland and we did not put them in their beds and no they did not sleep until 7:30 the next morning! NOPE!
12. No on Thursday our whole family did not sleep in until 8:00am and nope I did not think to myself, "thank you Jesus."
13. No Karsten did not reply, "But I don't have 3 hands!" when I asked him to get me 3 diapers.
14. No my double jog stroller did not get stuck in the gate at California Adventure and no they did not have to call security to come unlock and open this huge gate, Nope... never!
15. No we did not loose Luke's flip flop at Disneyland.... and make him deal with it! We are never mean and uncaring parents.... nope!
16. No I did not make 3 boxes of cupcake mix and on the 2nd box I did not forget if I had put oil in it so no I did not add oil again and then after it was baked they did not all fall apart and the cupcake paper was not filled with grease.... so then I did not have to call my mom to make another batch so we had enough for Ainsley's party.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not me......Monday....

No matter what anyone else tells you none of this has happened in our house this week!
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1. No we did not have a small Yo Gabba Gabba "family" party for Ainsley on Friday night and no this is not all the kids dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba. And most certainly that is not my daughter freaking out in the blue shirt nope! 2. No this was not one of my Mother's Day presents from Addisyn. No she did not say it was going to grow up to be a nice big Lavender plant. No it is not sitting in my windowsill along with my other flowers. Oh.... and no I do not smell dirt every time I walk near it.
3. No I do no think we have such a precious ONE YEAR OLD!
4. No I did not think after tanking this picture, "I wish my fat thighs looked that cute."
5. No I did not attempt to make a Yo Gabba Gabba cake. And no those pink lines are not falling off the sides and of course they are perfectly straight!
6. No I did not give Ainsley a frozen waffle to chew on.. and no of course it was not on the clean kitchen floor.
7. No this is not Ainsley's favorite present from her party. No she
does not sleep with it at night and she does not get soooooo excited every time she sees it! 8. No Tim and I did not each push a heavy double stroller up a HUGE hill two days this week and no I did not think I was going to die afterwards. Then when we got back home I did not jump in our pool with all of my clothes on.
9. No Tim did not sew a button on his shirt this week, and no he did not ask Addisyn if she wants sewing lessons from him. He would never do something like that. Then he did not proceed to say, "Don't tell anyone that daddy knows how to sew."

Friday, May 8, 2009

Our baby is ONE!

Where has the time gone???? I feel like just yesterday I was in preterm labor with Ainsley Joy. Now one year later she is crawling around like crazy, pulling herself up, saying about 10 words, clapping, waving, doing sign language and hitting! Yes I did say hitting! She is so precious and I have enjoyed every minure with her. Tim and I both have a "special" place in our hearts knowing that she is our last baby. Her brothers and sister adore her. I feel so blessed that they care for her so much! They are always protecting her, helping her, and loving on her.
Here is a time line of her 1st year.....
26 weeks pregnant

4 days before I delievered

1 minute old.... Thursday, May 8, 2008
6 lbs, 15 ozOne month old.... Two months old......
Three months old.... Four months old....
Five months old.....

Six months old....
Seven months old....

Eight months old....

Nine months old....

Ten months old

Eleven months....

You are such a blessing to us. We love you baby girl! Happy 1st Birthday!
Love, Daddy & Mommy