Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not me......Monday....

No matter what anyone else tells you none of this happened this week in the Stein household..... nope!
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1. No Ainsley was not scared at 1st on the swings at the park..... and no of course I was not laughing as I was snapping away pics of her silly face..... oh and no this "grandpa" at the park did not ask me if I had put sunscreen on her and after saying no... he did not tell me that I was giving my daughter cancer and then he did not go over to his diaper bag and hand me sunscreen for her!

2. No our fridge is not filled with a ton of fruits and veggies.... no Tim and I are not doing this 40 day cleanse with our friends..... and no I'm not dying without coffee..... nope! You didn't know I would be so happy to have green tea... did you?

3. No I was not eating this HUGE piece of watermelon by myself..... what do you expect when you can only have fruit all day????? 4. No this week I did not decide that our kids are starting to do chores everyday.....
no Luke did not love wiping down the counters ( he really did like it) and he did not keep asking me what else he could do.... nope
no I did not let Karsten climb on the table to fulfill his chore of wiping off the table....
5. No this is not Luke playing with Ainsley's tea set she got for her 1st Birthday.... and no Luke and Karsten did not sit at the kitchen and play this for almost 35 minutes.... whatever keeps them happy! Right???????6. Of course I did not use the hose to keep the kids away from the dog poop in the yard..... and of course I did not leave it out there instead of picking it up... nope not me! 7. No I did not let my precious baby girl play in the dog's water because I was too lazy to dump it out... nope!