Sunday, November 2, 2008

Not me Monday......

Not me Monday...... check out the girl's blog to see other peoples
"not me" Mondays......

1. On Halloween Veronica did not pretend to ride a stick pony while giving me some photography lessons..... nope. 2. Tim did not act like a dork and put a eyeball in his eye.... then he did not tell jokes about it all night. Nope.

3. Luke was not on the toliet singing "Lords Army" and I did not look over to see him bouncing up & down like he was riding a horse.... and then he did not proceed to shoot ... all while he was going #2... nope.

4. Karsten did not say this week that he wanted to be a police man so he could shot people.... no not our Kar-Kar.

5. No Karsten did not throw 22 washcloths in a bath tub full of water. Nope.

6. No I did not make 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies this week and no I did not burn all of them... and no my kids did not eat them anyway.... nope.

7. No Karsten did not tell a teacher at his school this week, "See you later alligator... after while pee-pee head."

8. No Karsten was not totally decked out in girls clothes today while I was working on the computer. No he did not have bright green snap-on earrings dangling from his ears, and he did not have a bright pink dress on, and he also did not have on ballet slippers and lip gloss.

9. No I did not have to take a double look at the floor in the laundry room.... no I did not think that there was poop on the floor... but it was only Karsten's tootie-roll from the Halloween candy.


The Bagley Bunch said...

Haha love these girl---and I love the "editing" you did on the pic too--my hips look great ;). Pray for me girl, I am so sick :(. Love you and thanks again for everything Friday!

mhcowen said...

I can't wait to have 4 kids and have as much fun as you do:)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I look forward to your not me Mondays. They make me laugh. :) -Caroline