Saturday, August 28, 2010

...perfect treat in the heat....

Last month we went to Lake Havasu with another family that had 5 kids. We had a BLAST! All 13 of us stayed in one house. We stayed up late talking, laughing, eating candy, and watching Shark Week. Even though it was 115 degrees we enjoyed every minute! ..... fun friends..... precious princesses..... beautiful boy ..... forever friends

.... eating ice cream under the London Bridge was a perfect treat in the heat

Luke's 1st day in Kindergarten

Luke did AWESOME on his 1st day at school! He was awake early and ready to go! Here is Luke with his friend, Sammy.... they are so cute!Luke did get nervous and and started to cry at the beginning but as soon as he was settled in his desk he did great! I'm so proud if him!

Kindergarten..... here I come!!!!

Luke meeting his teacher, Mrs. Jeffers!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

..... step 2 .... we got approved

Our precious baby girl finally got her approval to see the surgeon. We could not be happier that she was approved for one of the top hospitals in the Country. She will be treated by a pediatric plastics surgeon. Our first appointment is on September 22nd. Thanks to everyone who has been praying and checking in with us. We are overwhelmed with all the support and encouragement we have had in the past week. Thanks again!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Addisyn's 1st day of 2nd Grade....

Addisyn started 2nd grade today! It was a rough morning.... she didn't want to eat, didn't want to get dressed, she was freaking out because her braids weren't even..... but she made it through and by the time we got to school and entered her classroom she did fine. This year's theme at her school is Matthew 7:24-25. We are soooooooo blessed that our kids get to go to Christian school and learn about Christ day in and day out. We are so glad God is our firm foundation is all things. This was the first time Addisyn smiled this morning! Her teacher, Miss. Dedoes said, "Hi Addisyn" and that did it! We love you Addisyn you are our BIG 2nd Grader!!!!! Where did time go?

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Karsten's 1st day at Pre-K

Our BIG 4 year old starting Pre-K last Wednesday. This is the first time him and Luke will be at different schools. He was really nervous at first but as soon as he knew Tyus (his cousin) and Jayden (his best school friend) were going to be there he got excited! He is growing up so fast!I always take their picture of the 1st day of school and Ainsley wanted to be in it! Not sure why she is holding the box of pretend food in the picture? Karsten with his Pre-K teacher, Miss. Dina
Karsten with his best buddy, Jayden
Tyus, Karsten, and Jayden
Of course.... they had to do a "silly" one

Thursday, August 19, 2010

$$$$$$$$ BUNCO BABY $$$$$$$$$

Last weekend was the first night of my new Bunco group. We had a great time hanging out and playing Bunco. It was so fun to hang out with a great group of girls!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Surgery is in the near future........

Over a year ago we were going to a small Church in Redlands that met in a women's club. The nursery was held in a room that was used for many different events. One Sunday when we picked Ainsley up for the nursery she was complaining about her leg hurting. I checked it out and it looked like 2 hard bruises were on her leg. My friend happened to be working in the nursery that day so I called and asked her if she saw Ainsley fall or if she noticed anything weird with her leg. She didn't remember anything happening and I didn't hear Ainsley crying that day so I thought she must have just bumped. Well one of the bruises went away but the other one stayed. It turned into a little hard knot on her leg. After that Sunday she never complained, cried, or walked funny. So for a year now she has had this small sore on her leg that we thought was maybe scar tissue build up for bumping it really hard. Well a few weeks ago we were in Lake Havasu and it started leaking a little puss. I squeezed it and a clear liquid came out and we cleaned it and that was that. Then yesterday I looked at it again and realized a little more puss was built up and I squeezed it and this is what came out.... I could not believe my eyes!!! I first assumed it was a piece of safety pin or the back of a button but after calling my friend who worked in the nursery the day Ainsley fell we realized it was a sewing needle. She said that she had found a couple of sewing needles on the floor before in the nursery. We assume that since it is a women's club the ladies must have sewn in that room during the week and dropped a needle.
When Tim got home last night we took x-rays of Ainsley leg and found that over half of the needle is still in her leg, part of it is in the muscle and there is a piece also in the fat of her leg. What we didn't realize last night but noticed after looking at her x-rays again today the needle is broken in 2 pieces in her leg.
This morning I took her to our pediatrician's office and she was referred to a general surgeon. So at this point we are just waiting for the insurance to approve her surgery. I'm so sad that she has had a needle in her leg for a year and we never knew it.
Here are specific things you can pray for:
-our anxiety as surgery approaches
-that the insurance company approves it fast so it can be removed
-that she does not get an infection from the 2 pieces of needle that are left in her leg
-that the needle stays where it is out and doesn't pierce into her bone
-safety during surgery
-she heals fast and recovers well
Thanks everyone for your prayers and concern we appreciate all of our friends and family during this. We love you!

When it rains..... it pours!!!!!

Everyone has heard that saying and boy are feeling like that right now! We are holding strong and not freaking out only by relying on God. Let me give you a little breakdown of what has been happening lately.....
-Tim sprays off his truck to wash it and the windshield cracks from top to bottom
- our oven will not turn on
-Luke gets a cut and black eye from the Wi remote
-our washer is making this loud screeching noise during the spin cycle
-our Master bedroom bathtub is leaking down to our kitchen downstairs
-while Tim is at Lowes and Sears trying to find the oven part the pool guy calls and gives us a "list" of repairs the pool needs
-our air conditioner starts blowing hot air
-our fridge is freezing all the food
-we found out that Ainsley may need surgery to remove a foreign object from her leg that has been there over a year (more details and pictures coming soon!)

With all of this going on we are soooooo thankful for all the "things" we have and so glad we trust in a powerful God!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sneak peek........

When my friend Jennifer was out in California visiting she took some pictures of our family. Here is one my favorites.... I will post more later!

Friday, August 13, 2010

.... please pray with me

As the end of the summer approaches and we get closer to school starting I'm getting really anxious about Luke stating kindergarten. He has come so far and has improved in every area but I'm still concerned. When Addisyn started kindergarten I had no doubts at all. Addisyn is a overacheiver, perfectionist who is pretty much good at whatever she does. Luke on the other hand needs to work at everything but gives up way to easy. Here are some specific requests for you to pray about-

*his speech improves so he is easier to understand

*he transitions well thoughout the day

*he makes friends and is not codependent only on one

*he learns the classroom schedule so he is not anxious

*he does not "quit" when it is time to learn

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to the LOVE of my life!

Happy Birthday Honey! I love you so much you are my everything and God could have not blessed me with a better husband. Thanks for being so loving, caring and selfless. You are the BEST listener and must kind person I know! I thank GOD everyday that He put you in my life! I hope you have an AWESOME day! We love you so much!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Splash park OR not really

So I took the kids to a Splash Park a few weeks ago with this great plan of spending the day with the kids and having a BLAST! Well not so much! They just stood there and watched. I had to beg them to run and play in the water. Finally after about 20 minutes of begging they head for the water and about 5 minutes later they already need a potty break. We head to the potty and then when we come out they didn't want to go back in the water.... I have no idea why??? It was a hot day the water was refreshing but they all just stood there and watched. So I decided not to push it and take some cute pictures before we headed out.