Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hillsongs United

Last week Tim & I got to see Hillsong United down in San Diego. We had a awesome time! Hillsong is an AMAZING band! It was awesome to see a church full of people all there for the same reason.... to worship the LORD!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Not me......Monday....

No matter what anyone else tells you the following did not happen this week at our house......
1. No I did not make pancakes on Sunday and no I did not make the shake & pour ones... where I did not have to only add water. No I did not give the kids and Tim the choice of what "shape" they wanted them.....
No this is not Luke's dog with long, floppy ears. No this is not Addisyn's smile from her happy face pancake.
No this is not an A shaped for Ainsley.

No this is not the T I made for Tim and he did not say it looks like a hammer.

2. No I did not find Luke wearing these pink swimming goggles while watching TV.
3. No I did not receive a check in the mail for 33 cents..... really 33 cents???? AT&T should have not wasted a stamp on 33 cents!
4. No Luke was not talking about how my sister, his auntie is going to have a baby. When I asked him what he thought she was having he said, "Probably.... a girl & boy mixed together
5. Karsten did not say to me yesterday, "Hey mom why do you always ask me out?" I said "What?" He said, "Why do you always aske me out on a date?" Where did he get this?
6. No Tim did not look in the backyard and see Karsten full on peeing outside on the patio.
7. No Karsten did not wake up at 4:00am in the morning and go into Ainsley room & climb into her crib and no they did not play for a little while.
8. No we were not at lunch with the girls and no Ainsley did not puke all over the table and no I did not take her into the bathroom and give her a bath in the sink. Then I did not take off her shirt and rise it out in the sink then dry it off in hand dryer and then put it back on her. Then 10 minutes later while eating Addisyn did not get a bloody nose and have to go into the bathroom to get all cleaned up. Thank goodness we only had 2 out of the 4 kids with us.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Only 2 more weeks....

In 2 weeks from today our precious baby girl Ainsley Joy will be turning 1! Time has gone by so fast. I think since she is our last baby it feels like it was just yesterday when I was still pregnant. Her are some pics I took on Easter Sunday of our soon to be one year old.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...dryer

A few Words for Wordless Wednesday..... so I heard a noise in the laundry room and found this..... seriously... who's kid hides in the dryer????

Monday, April 20, 2009

Not me......Monday....

No matter what anyone else tells you non of this happened around the Stein home..... NOPE!
1. No I did not send Addisyn to school with her hair like this.... and no it was not Crazy Hair day! 2. No I was not climbing the fence at a KID'S Easter Egg hunt at Church last Sunday so my kids could hove more eggs in their brown lunch bags because no I did not forget their baskets for the Church's egg hunt. Oh and no my kids do not like candy but I still wanted them to have lots of eggs (they really don't like candy: we are not sure why?). 3. NO I did not match them all in green for St. Patricks Day and no this is not by adorable 3 year old picking his nose in this picture at Disneyland.
4. No we did not have an awesome time with the Bagley's this weekend in Palm Desert. No we were not there without kids and celebrating Veronica's Birthday. NOPE!

5. No I did not forget to post these from our vacation last wee. No we did not go on the HUGE Ferris Wheel at the Spectrum and it did not stop with us stuck at the very top and I was not freaking out the whole time telling the kids not to move and to sit back. I would never freak out... I always stay calm so the kids don't worry. As you can see Kasten did not take after me but the other 3 kids were having a great time!

6. No Tim did not find this toothpick in his hambuger at Ruby's last week when he went to take off the lettuce. No it was not stuck in the bun and no we did not get a FREE meal and 3 kids shakes for FREE nope! Good thing he took off the lettuce, seriously!
7. No this is not Karsten standing on the couch while wearing Tim's old cowboy belt around his waist and no he did not wear that dang belt 3 days in a row over his t-shirt!
8. No I did not catch Karsten drinking syrup of out the bottle.... nope never!
9. No this is not our sweet boy Luke sharing his favorite food with Ainsley. No Ainsley did not enjoy every bite of the Key Lime yogurt.

10. No I did not hand feed 46 1st Birthday invitations into the printer and an hour later realize that I had forgotten to put the time on them so then I did not spend another hour hand feeding back in the printer just t0 print the time on them. Nope!
11. No Luke did not say "I almost got my winnie caught in my zip up jammies" and I said "oh really?" and then he said "it must be getting bigger".
12. No I did not put Ainsley in 1 side of the sink and do dishes in the other side so I could at least get the dishes done before the kids went to bed. Oh and no I did not drain the one side I was using and rise off the clean dishes so she wouldn't have to get out! Nope!

13. No we did not take 1136 pictures on our camera while on vacation last week... nope!
14. No Kasten did not say to me, "Hey Sandy can I call you Sandy?"
15. No Luke did not say, "When I grow up bigger I'm going to get earring."
16. No our 11 month old finally did not decide to start crawling this week and no she is not now out of control & into everything. NOPE!