Saturday, January 29, 2011

Part #5- Our Emotional Journey

I was scheduled to work in Luke's kindergarten class on Thursday morning so I left the hospital and took a quick shower at my sister's and worked in the class. I was gone for a total of 3 hours and sooooooooo much stuff happened. They moves rooms, saw the psychologist, saw Addisyn's doctor and came up with a plan. They told Addisyn if she didn't start eating and drinking within an hour they were going to have to stick a tube up her nose and down her throat. Tim also took on a new, not so patience approach. He got really firm with her and she finally ate a couple bites of pancake and drank a little water. Tim and Addisyn also watched Goonies together and she began to talk and laugh. When the doctor came in she talked to her and answered her questions. They decided to release her since she had cheered up, was eating a little, and drinking. The doctor came in and talked to her about what could be "bothering" her. The doctor seemed to think it could be 3 different things.
1. Depression/ Anxiety
2. Anoxeria
3. Some kind of post tramatic stress episode
We wholeheartedly believe it is not anoxeria. We think the doctor assumed because she was in gymnastics thats what it is. Addisyn weighs 52 pounds and really wants to weight 60 pounds so she can be out of her booster seat. She also has never showed any other signs and never talks about her weight.

We are not sure about the other two. The doctor told us we needed to follow up with some therapy to get to the root of all of this.

The doctor said we could go home that night beasue her CO2 level was in the 20's and she started eating and drinking. Addisyn was happy, laughing, and talking for about a hour
and then she fell back into a total funk. She looked tired and just layed their staring. We tried talking to her and she wasn't responding. After about 30 minutes she started talking and acting pretty "normal" again. We finally got discharged and went home. That night Addisyn was so happy playing in the bath for an hour with her Polly Pockets.

the next post will be about what we are doing now to heal her.....

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Jessy said...

We're praying, still. Just wanted to you hear that.
I look every single day for a new blog post from you - I pray for answers, and practical ways to help her heal. You're such a good mommy, Sandy.