Friday, January 14, 2011

Part #1- Our Emotional Journey

Thank you for understanding and being patient. I will have to post a few different times because of time constraints. We first want to THANK God for getting us through this last week. I don't know how people make it through hurt and sorrow without HIM. We are also above and beyond BLESSED with awesome friends and family. We have never felt so much love and support! Thanks again for all the prayers, visits, cards, gifts, food, coffee, babysitting, and understanding! We appreciate every single one of you! Thank you also for continuing to pray as we set out to totally heal Addisyn and our family. We are seeking God as to where to go from now.
The Beginning- Sunday
Everything seemed to be totally fine Sunday morning when Addisyn woke up. She was excited about her 1st gymnastics meet of the season but also a little nervous. We decided to go as a family in our jammies to get bagels. While Addisyn was sitting at the kitchen table she began to cry. When we asked her what was wrong she said her tooth was really loose and bleeding. Being the great mom I am I told her to stop crying and that she is fine! Well, the crying continued then she explained to us that she was afraid of swallowing the loose tooth because the previous tooth she lost she had accidentally swallowed. We talked to her about how it's not a big deal, that most people don't swallow their tooth so it most likely wouldn't happen again. She continued to cry while getting ready for her gymnastics meet. On the way to the meet she cried on and off about her tooth. When we got to the meet is when she really started acting different. The first red flag was that she didn't want me to leave her. After walking her out to her coaches she was crying and reaching for me. Tim and I both thought she was just nervous about her tooth and about her meet. During the whole meet she had no emotion. She was able to do her routines but it was as though she was in a "fog". Every time she looked at us we would smile and she would give us a blank stare. We tried having one of the other gymnast moms who is a dental hygienist look at her tooth after the meet and Addisyn wasn't having it. We went out to dinner after the meet with friends and Addisyn just sat there. So of course the whole time we were thinking she doesn't want to eat, drink, or talk because of her tooth. So we made the decision to have her tooth pulled the next morning. My plan was to have the tooth pulled and all of her anxiety would go away and our normal Addisyn would be back.
..... part 2 will come soon!

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