Saturday, January 15, 2011

Part #2- Our Emotional Journey

Sunday Night
Sunday throughout the night Addisyn started throwing up. She threw up every hour from 11-5. About every other time she would say the words, "Mommy I'm going to throw up" but most of the time she just sat up quickly and I knew what was coming. Our kids rarely throw up and when they do it upsets them...but Addisyn had no emotion. She would sit up, throw up, then lay back down. That next morning I already had an appointment set up for the dentist so she stayed home with me. In the car on the way to take the kids to school she just sat there in a total daze. The other kids were singing Veggie Tales at the top of their lungs and she didn't care and didn't move. If I asked her a yes or no question she would move her head up and down or side to side but gave me a completly blank stare, while answering. After dropping off the younger kids I decided to go home and let her rest before the dentist. As soon as she was on the couch she fell asleep. In my head at that time I started thinking maybe she just happened to have the flu at the same time as some anxiety but she had no other flu symptoms. When I woke her to go the dentist she was really out of it so I carried her to the car. When we got there she was able to walk into the dentist and walk to the dentist chair in the back. When Dr. Boyd came in she hardly showed any emotion. I said please just pull this tooth so she will start eating, drinking, and talking again. When it was time to actually pull it she did grunt a little and kind-of moved around but she did not freak out. As we were leaving the office I noticed she still was acting funny. We went to the grocery store and she just sat in the cart staring off into space the whole time. I got her a cookie thinking that would perk her up but she just held it in her hand. We ran into some friends at the store and she just sat there.... no emotion. During this whole day I kept telling her that if she doesn't drink soon we would have to take her to the doctor and they would put a needle in her arm.... she didn't seem to care (which is not like her at all).
I took her to work with me that afternoon thinking once she saw her friends at the gym she would want to be with them. Instead she was laying on the floor in the office or every once in a while she would wave to them through the window. Tim called to talk to her and she said a few words to him. On the way home from work I called the doctor to see where I take her after hours hoping that when she heard me on the phone she would start drinking.... nope! When we got home she fell asleep on the couch and Tim and I decided we had to either take her in or make her drink. Around 9:30pm we woke her up and said you must drink this whole glass of water. It took about 10 minutes but she did it and quickly fell asleep. We knew she had enough to last until the next day and we even thought maybe after a good nights rest she would snap out of it. But starting around 2am she started throwing up again. I knew at that time I was taking her to Urgent Care in the morning. Just a side note, we kept checking for signs of dehydration and there weren't any yet. Her mouth was still wet, her circulation was good, and she was still peeing.
I will post part #3 soon


Jenni said...

oh sandy, this leaves me heartbroken reading this and seeing all that you guys went through. we are still praying for you guys and for sweet addyson!

mamacita de 6 said...

From your FB posts it sounds like your sweetie is doing much better! I'm soo glad! Did they ever diagnose her with anything specific? I will keep praying!