Sunday, January 2, 2011

letting go.....

Ainsley is set to start school tomorrow and I'm so sad. I feel like my job is over as a mom. I know it is not but that's just how I feel. I keep asking her to please stay home and she keeps saying, "no mommie, I a big girl now, please me go to Karsten's school?" So I guess it is time. Yes I will have more time to do things on my own but I'm not ready for that! Our baby is growing up and I don't like that. I'm sure she will do great and Karsten promised to take of her but I still don't like it! If you see me in a fog this week, you know why! I will post her 1st day of preschool pictures next week!

Here are some excuses I have given her to not start school..... but she isn't having it:

1. You don't have a Pottery Barn personalized lunchbox yet (Addisyn said, "it's ok mom, she will just use my Hannah Montana one")

2. You don't have school clothes (Ainsley said, "me have a Christmas dress to wear")

3. Don't you want to stay home and snuggle mommy-- "nope"

4. You are mommy's baby-- "no mommy I a BIG girl like Addisyn now"

5. Don't you want to stay home and play with all your new Christmas toys? -- "nope me play baby dolls at school"

6. We can go to Disneyland-- "me see minnie mouse a different day"


Ashley O said...

Big Girl!! I don't think she is going to let you get your way Mommy. :)

Love that picture!!

Heather said...

Love the picture of's absolutely beautiful! She's a big girl now...they grow up too fast!

Jessica said...

Her eyes are mesmerizing...