Thursday, January 27, 2011

Part #4- Our Emotional Journey

Sorry for the delay in posting.... it's been crazy trying to get on track around our house these days. Thanks for being patience with me!

Part #4
While waiting in the Emergency Room I decided to call Urgent Care back to see if they had Addisyn's blood work results back. The doctor said everything looked pretty normal except her CO2 level concerned him. He went on to say that it was a 13 and the norm is between 25-40. As soon as I got off the phone with him, Tim and I googled what that could mean. We found that a low CO2 could be from many different reasons. You can read about it here

After we got called back, the Emergency Room doctor decided she wanted to do her own blood work and start Addisyn on fluids right away. They drew her blood and found that her CO2 level dropped again to 12. They then decided to speed up the fluids and hope that she would start responding after a few hours. Addisyn just layed there... with a blank look and showed NO emotion. Around midnight Tim decided to go home with the kids and sleep a while before he had work the next day. I just layed there with Addisyn and prayed while she was sleeping. I prayed for healing, that she would talk, that she would eat and drink. A few hours went by and they sent someone else in to take blood. Finally this time she reacted a little, still no tears but seemed to be bothered when the man couldn't find a good vein. A new team of doctors came in to talk to us and said they were going to admit her to the Children's floor.
Addisyn and I fell asleep for about an hour and then around 6:30 am Tim came and brought me coffee and came to visit. Tim and I were danicing, making funny faces, telling jokes while Addisyn just layed there staring at us. I was blowing up the latex gloves and she was just staring at me, it was so sad. I decided since it was morning I would turn all the lights on in the room and turn on the TV and make Addisyn sit up and interact. When Tim had to leave to go to work Addisyn cried for the first time. This was a good thing, we thought maybe she was getting back on track. My mom came to visit and she was there when it was time to change rooms, Addisyn started crying again. As soon as we got up to the Children's floor the little boy in the bed next to Addisyn started screaming, "I'm going to kill you!"..... Addisyn started balling and I knew we had to move. I asked the nurse to please move us because Addisyn was not emotionally stable to handle that. We got moved to a nice, bright, room where we could see the whole valley. The sun was shining and I believe that was a huge help in the healing process. All day we had nice visitors coming in and out, Addisyn cracked a few smiles but no words. They drew her blood again and still were not happy with the CO2 level (I believe it was at a 17). They decided to add sugar water and potassium to the bag of salt water. They also turned the speed up quite a bit because they wanted to see results faster. Around 2:00 Tim brought Luke, Karsten, and Ainsley for a visit. Addisyn didn't interact with them and they ignored her and were happy to see me. Later that evening she was peeing every hour or so and seemed more alert. My brother came by and they played Angry Birds together. He brought Addisyn Del Taco french fries and she held one which was a huge step since she hadn't eaten since Sunday morning. Addisyn never ate the french fries but we tried. Tim got back to the hospital right after Addisyn got a Bunny from my friend, Heather. This bunny was the cutest bunny ever, it had a bikini on, sitting in a sprinkled donut floatie, and sings and dances. Addisyn FINALLY laughed when we noticed that the bunny had boobs! It was so funny and everytime a visitor would come we would show them BB (boob bunny) and Addisyn would crack a smile and giggle. We were beyond blessed by how many visitors came and brought us food, snacks, books, magizines, blankets and so much more. We have the best friends and family ever. That night after everyone left, Addisyn had a hard time falling asleep but once she was asleep she would wake up and say, "mommy I have to go potty" I was refreshed she would say a few words. Around 2am they brought in a new girl to put in the bed next to Addisyn. The girl started talking about having scars from cutting herself and getting kicked out of school for taking a knief to school. I got up quietly while Addisyn was sleeping and told the nurse that we needed to move because of Addisyn's emotional state. They understood but promised not to talk to her again about any "issues" until we were moved.

..... part 5 coming on Saturday.... I PROMISE!

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Heather said...

You and Tim are amazing parents! No one can say how they will handle a situation like the one you guys were given until they are in the same situation with the same child...but I do know that without a doubt, you both trust in God for guidance & strength! Love you guys!