Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm that girl who......

* does not sleep with socks on

*must have coffee everyday

*likes painted fingers and toes

*showers and washes hair everyday

*really doesn't like animals

*likes the inside of my car clean but doesn't care about the outside

*loves shopping at Target

*will wash laundry and fold it but hates to put it away

*does not use the dishwasher, only does dishes by hand

*likes to scrapbook

*loves date nights with hubby

*likes everything organized and clean

*barley watches TV

*never watches movies

*snacks on gold fish crackers

*sleeps with a blankie

*is a giver but not a good receiver

*likes Coffee Bean more than Starbucks

*does not like to fly

*likes to shop with friends

*loves the Cheesecake Factory

*loves God with all my heart

....... what kind of girl are you????????


The Powell Family said...

I love your post today because it mirrors mine from today. I've been a bit reflective of who I am too! :) Hope you are doing well!! I'm sure you're enjoying a lot prettier weather than we are in TX.

ColtonandJessica said...

LOVE this. I just may steal this and do it too. ;)

The Bagley Bunch said...

Love it! Socks thing I am soooo with you on! Just blogged about it actually ;). And not sold on the cb vs. sbx thing...yet! You ARE a great giver! And shopping was so much fun with you before the cruise! None of these surprised me though...maybe the next edition will ;). xoxo