Saturday, January 30, 2010

We are close to 2.... and boy I'm showing it!

WOW! As Ainsley is getting closer to 2 years old she is getting more feistier than ever. Here is her lastest....

1. Screaming for anything and everything.

2. Standing in every grocery cart and high chair.

3. Signing all done and yelling, "all done" every time we are in the car.

4. Climbing on every table and chair in the kitchen.

5. Arching her back when it is time to get in her car seat.

6. Not wanting to hold my hand.... especially in parking lots.

7. Crying when it is time to take and nap or go to bed.

8. Shaking her head no back and forth when a song she doesn't like comes on in my car.

9. Jumping from mommy's arms to daddy's arms when I tell her no.

10. Playing in the toliet water ever chance she gets.

But with all of this she is still so precious and we cherish every minute we have together.


Christy said...

Well at least she has her own cell phone to call grandma for help when you tell her no. Ahhhhhh, they start so young. ;)

Michelle said...

She is such a doll. Wish 2 was the end of it and 3 they magically turned back into angels. My 3 year old is worse now than when she was 2. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Your just making that all up aren't you Sandy? Look at that precious face, she could not be doing all that stuff!!

SSchenkel said...

Oh, my, I can totally relate. Aliyah is almost 18 months, and we are struggling with how best to discipline her. It's also good to know that other kids are obsessed with phones. Aliyah will throw a fit if she can't have ours.