Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Addisyn's 1st Gymnastics Meet

Addisyn had her 1st gymnastics meet this last Saturday. She was super nervous and was asking us soooooooo many questions. She got through it with all of her scores in the 8's. She took three 3rd's and one 2nd.
Here she is waiting to take her turn. A little pep talk from her coach before her beam routine. She was the most nervous about falling off the beam while doing her handstand. But so made it!!!!

Here is the handstand
Dismount Addisyn beam score was 8.45

Waiting for her turn on the floor with Miss. Amanda

Addisyn's Floor score was 8.5
Vault Time
Addisyn's Vault score was 8.5
Uneven Bars

She had this "nervous, serious" face on the bars the whole time.

Addisyn's Bars score was 8.6
Her cheerleaders!!!!!!!!!!
The boys did great... I was a little worried because we were there for 3 hours!
Addisyn and her friend, Vivianna
Tim got Addisyn a rose..... so sweet!


Meredith said...

How awesome!!! Congrats on such a great meet! Addisyn looked like she was really enjoying herself.

Amie said...

She looked so good up there! I've always loved watching the bar routines.

Kids are adorable!

Los Claytons said...

What an adorable gymnast! That "pep talk" pic with her coach is priceless! Congrats, Addisyn!

The Bagley Bunch said...

WOOHOO!! Great job Addisyn! YOU ROCK!!!!!! :) Looooove the pics girl!!!

Ashley O said...

Great Job! We are so proud of you!!