Saturday, February 6, 2010

I am that mom who.....

*buys her kids donuts every Wednesday morning

*has the kids closets organized by color and style

*like the boys to match

*loves hair bows in the girls' hair

*yells sometimes

*makes the kids keep all of their toys in the toy room

*lets the kids play in the dog's water

*rewards them for staying in their own beds all night

*try's to be consistent but doesn't always work

*let's them try to settle their own fights before I step in

*let's them take sippie cups of water to bed

*is strict about bed time

*really dislikes getting kids in and out of the car

*loves to throw Birthday Parties

*knows many Veggie Tale songs

*has annual passes to The Living Desert, LA Zoo, and Disneyland

*hopes to model Christ to her children

*really dislikes the kids fighting

*let's the kids watch TV, play Wii, and even let's them play on the computer daily

*loves when the kids hug and love on each other

*loves to snuggle on the couch but not in bed

*gives 3 of the 4 a bath at the same time

*waits to long to change diapers

*lets the kids make decisions and learn consequences

*pretty much spoils every one of our children

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The Bagley Bunch said...

love it, girl! So glad to read more blogs from ya lately...keep 'em coming!! :)