Friday, February 26, 2010

MckMama Cruise

Where do I even start? We had such a great time, did so many amazing things, and met so many new friends I don't even know what to say. Tim and I both started off the week really nervous about the kids but by mid week we were feeling ok...but by the end of the week we missed them a lot. I did realize how much Tim and I really needed to get away and be alone without the kids. We got to talk alone, eat alone, sit alone, drink coffee alone..... it was a nice change.

Monday: We were at sea all day Monday and it was a bit cold. We pretty much just sat around by the adult only pool and read. Well Tim read and I pretty much people watched. We headed to dinner looking forward to hanging out with all of our new friends. After dinner we went to a comedy show. Of course since we were on a cruise ship we had to eat again. So around 11:45pm we ordered room service. We shared chips with chili cheese dip and a cheese pizza. I don't normally eat like that or that late but hey..... we were on vacation!

Tuesday: Our first stop was in Cozemel, Mexico. Tim and I rented ATV's and hit the beaches and forrest. Oh my gosh.... we had a blast! We went fast through mud puddles, swamps, and bumps on the beach. Tim even got to see a baby crocodille, but I was too busy apolizing for bumping the tour guide with the ATV. He was totally fine and so was the ATV, but still..... it is never good to bump the tour guide.
After riding the ATV's we headed to a private beach for a yummy Mexican lunch and relaxtion. Before we knew it is was time to head back to the ship to get ready for dinner. After dinner and a show we went to watch a few of our friends karaoke. Tim really wanted to perform, "You Lost That Loving Feeling" but I wouldn't let him. We ended that night around 1am.

Wednesday: Our next stop was in Montego Bay.

We hopped on a taxi bus with some friends and headed out to a beach. We had a nice relaxing day soaking in the sun, hanging out with our new friends, and swimming in the BLUE ocean water.
Me, Jenny, Jenna, Lori, Amiee, Jennifer, and JillBefore getting back on the ship, a few of our friends, Todd & Jenny, Israel & Jennifer, and us headed over to MargaritaVille. We had a blast! We were sort of bummed that we didn't get to spend more time there. We all went down the waterslide, and Tim and Israel even went down together. Jennifer and I were laughing so hard!
Sorry for the low quality picture, I didn't take my nice camera off the boat that day...bummer!

Here with are with the Huffords and McKinneys
Thursday: Our next stop was in Jamaica. We hopped on another taxi bus and headed to 7-mile beach. It was a beautiful, clear beach. We met up with Aaron, Kim and their boys and Israel & Jennifer.

Jennifer and I mostly sat on the a huge trampoline in the middle of the ocean and talked for half of the day while the guys swam, jumped and push each other off the trampolines. They were even pushing other guys off the trampoline that we didn't even know.... I guess that is what guys do?

After soaking in the sun for a few hours we decided to head over to another MargaritaVille. It too had a was super fast and fun! Tim, Israel, and I had a great time being "shot" out of it!

After lunch we decided to swim out to some more water trampolines and us girls sat and talked while Israel and Tim were trying tricks from the show "Wipe Out". I have pictures but they are on my water camera. Before we left Jennifer took this picture of Tim and I.

I will finish the rest in my next post!!!!


Los Claytons said...

Oh my goodness how amazing! I bet that was such a fantastic trip! You got some great shots :)

Jenni said...

i love it Sandy! We had such a great time with you and Tim and miss you guys tons... so ready for MckCruise 2????? ;)

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!! SO jealous of the WARM weather!!!!! :)

Jamie and Krista said...

Makes me want to go on vacation! It looks like you had SO much fun. Relaxing on the beach sounds great! You deserved a nice break! You're such a good mommy! (and you look amazing!)

Christy said...

Oh man your photos are amazing! It just makes it that much harder for me to count down the days to our cruise in April. Whaaaaaaa!!!! I wanna go today! :) Seriouly though, so glad you guys had fun and got to "just be" together.