Monday, December 22, 2008

Not me......Monday....

Not me Monday.... no matter what anyone else tells you none of the following happened this week... NOPE! NEVER!

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No... Luke was not licking yogurt off our kitchen table.... no he does not LOVE yogurt... and no he would not eat 8-10 a day if we let him. So no we did not have to set a 2 per day limit... nope!

No we did not let Ainsley play with a bottle of pills during Luke & Karsten's Christmas show to keep her content and happy... nope!

No our boy's do not LOVE piggy banks and no they do not have a missing ear and no not a missing head... nope!

No we did not go to a Ugly Sweater Party on Friday night and WIN wearing these sweaters... and boy did everyone come up with some names for mine.

On Saturday night we did not go to another Ugly Sweater Contest and our friend Daniel did not wear this UGLY handmade sweater with a picture of Tim on the back.... and no Daniel did not win.
While at the party the boys DID NOT cheat at the games and gave each other high-fives every time they won.

No we did not take this HUGE rocking fish to the party as a White Elephant Gift and our friend Veronica did not have a great time riding it.... nope.

No my brother-in-law Reid did not wear this Ugly thing to the party and he did not parade around in it... and no they didn't figure out until later that it was a women's nightie.....
No I did not let Addisyn go to school and to her Christmas party without brushing her hair... nope.

No I did not let Ainsley chew on wrapping paper while at Addisyn's classroom Christmas party to keep her happy & content so I could help hand out the food.

No it is not 3 day until Christmas and no there is still not only 1 ornament on our tree.... nope.

No Addisyn is not finally strong enough to climb to the top of the rope at Tumble Tots and no we are no soooo proud of her!

No I did not put Ainsley in the sink for a bath 2 nights in a row so I could make dinner.


The Bagley Bunch said...

hahahahaha you big booger! That pic of me on the fish is HILARIOUS!! I started laughing out loud on that one!! We had so much fun with you guys--and what a good sport Tim was :). Go Addisyn on that rope! And Ainsley looks so cute in the sink :)..hmm great idea!

Olson Avenue said...

I don't think we should mention the names that people gave your sweater!! Your brother's face might stay red forever!! :)