Monday, December 15, 2008

Not me......Monday....

Not me Monday.... no matter what anyone tells you the following DID NOT happen this week in the Stein home..... check out more fun "not me's" at

1. Of course I did not let Karsten go to OPEN GYM at Tumble Tots in this outfit.... and no the wind was not blowing... and no it was not raining.... and no Karsten did not have on swimming trunks.
2. No Ainsley did not poop in the bath this week..... it was a raindeer.... how dear you think my precious would do such a thing. And no her mom did not take a picture of it for "Not ME Monday."

3. No I did not turn my head for 1 second to find Karsten up on the kitchen counter trying to find some money for him and his brother. By the way no he is not wearning Elmo underware.
4. No I did not realize today that we had never blown bubbles for Ainsley... at first she didn't know what to thinkl but then she loved it.... no I'm not a lame mom who forgot that babies love bubbles.

5. No I did not find Karsten helping me feed Ainsley when I got up to answer the phone.... what a good BIG brother.
6. No I did not get sad for a second when our baby girl learned to clap like a BIG girl... nope

7. No I did not find Karsten dressed like this..... no never... and NO Addisyn did not help him put it on.
8. No I was not checking my e-mail when I looked over and saw this..... don't worry they were just changing each others diapers. And no that is not our down comforter on the floor in background because no Addisyn did not throw up all over it on Monday night.. nope.

9. No it is not only 11 days until Christmas and NO I have not decorated the inside of my house... and NO i have not sent out my Christmas cards.... no not me!


Dell5 said...

Cute list! I too would have NOT taken a picture of the poop! That would be gross! My boys do the same thing with the diapers....oh well, it keeps them busy, right?

The Bagley Bunch said...

Ok, the "reindeer poop" was hilarious! And I am telling you, Karsten just MAKES your not me's! Oh and I AM a lame mom...I have never blown bubbles for Bubba either...maybe Tuesday we can bust them out ;). Love you!

mhcowen said...

I admit that I am another mother who has not blown bubbles for Ana:( Maybe you, me and V should get together...:)

Elaine said...

Funny list, loved it. I saw you over on someone Mastomama blog, and saw you comment about East Highland, we are in Riverside. Your kids are too cute....

The Bagley Bunch said... the way--love your new header on the blog!! SO ADORABLE!! I wish I knew how to do that!! Go Tim :). Hope you guys had a great time tonight! Love you girl!

And Han--I KNOW--how sad is that?! I honestly have not even thought to do that until now!