Monday, December 8, 2008

Not me......Monday....

No matter what any one tells you the following DID NOT happen this week... nope.

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1. No I didn't try to take a bubble bath this week and with in 5 minutes Karsten was not taking off his clothes to get in and no Luke did not throw in a toy boat in... and then no they did not stand there the whole time as asking to please get in... nope.

2. This week Karsten did not waddle into the house with his pants & under ware at his ankles and I asked him what he was doing and No he did not reply, "I went pee in the grass."

3. No Addisyn was not balling her eyes out on the way to her Christmas show this week and she did not yell out "These shoes make me look fat."

4. No we did not participate in the Annual Redlands Christmas parade and NO Tim did not drive the BIG yellow tumble bus full of kids... nope

5. No Addisyn did not put her tank top on as pants and her pants on like a shirt..... nope

6. No I did not let Karsten get in the bath with this sock on his foot to protect his blister that he got from NOT wearing his cowboy boots without socks to school on Friday... nope

7. No Addisyn did not dress Luke up like Tinkerbell and Jo Jo from Jo Jo's Circus..... and No Karsten is not wearing his cowboy boots again with swim shorts and no socks... nope

8. No Ainsley did not spit up at our Family Pictures yesterday...... and Veronica did not take the picture at the very right second... nope

9. No I did not let the kids put on temporary tattoos this last week even though I hate temporary tattoos (I really don't like them...)10. Last but not least.... no I did not owe the bagel shop 50 cents because I could not find any more change at the bottom of my purse.... and of course I did not want to use my debit card because I would get charged and extra 50 cents.


The Bagley Bunch said...

Niiiiiiice!!! That is hilarious...all of them, but I like the spit up ones the best :). Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

So Funny! I like the picture of Ainsley "driving" the Tumble Bus!
We Love you!

Jane Anne said...

I just stopped by from My Charming Kids. I have 4 kids, too, so that's what got my attention on her site. I enjoyed your post! I can totally relate to all of the kids trying to get in the bath!!

The Thompson Family said...

amazing! cant wait for next week

Anonymous said...

Your family is quite hillarious!! I enjoy the posts, they bring back many memories!! Love you guys, Janine

Ileana said...

LOL! I love all the blogs I stumble onto thanks to McMama!

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy not me Mondays. It cracks me up. They are really cute. I would never come in from Christmas shopping to find my mother changing Maryann on the changing table while she had just fallen asleep around nap time. When I asked my mother what was wrong with her she would never say "oh she's kinda been like this today," and she and Lucas bonked heads pretty good earlier. I would never then try to wake her up as she slept like a rock, freak out and call 911. She then would never just wake up and start jumping on the bed as I was talking hysterically to the dispatcher. And even if all this really did happen... I would have cancelled the call (which I actually did) and the police, fireman, and ambulance, would not have then showed up to my house to find a perfectly healthy little girl bouncing around and think I was out to lunch for calling 911 because my daughter fell asleep for a nap and was hard to wake up! No not me!