Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Luke & Karsten's Christmas Program

Luke & Karsten's Preschool Christmas Program
This past Monday evening was the Christmas program at the boys' preschool. Luke did a great job. He sang all the words and did all the hand motions. He has come so far... 2 years ago he would have never been able to handle all of the people and the noise. We are so proud of him. Karsten didn't really know what to think.....he was staring off into space. He was so over tired from a long day at school and no nap he mostly just stood there and took it all in. Jolie (my niece) was really into it. She is normally shy but not on Monday night.... she was twirling her dress and singing away... she did awesome!

Luke and his teacher... Miss. Gina

Karsten and his teacher.... Miss. Karol

Karsten and Jolie

Luke proudly singing all the words...

Jolie rockin out to the Christmas carols


mhcowen said...

Great pics...then again you did have a great seat:) What a fun and entertaining evening. Our kids were really out of

RuthO said...

Grammie is sorry she missed this! Great singing kids! I love you soooooooooooooo much!

Olson Avenue said...

Too Cute!!

Michelle Johnson said...

by and say hello. Those pre-school shows are just precious. Time flies, my kids are 14, and 17. Thank goodness for photography to precious those precious memories.

Kelly said...

I'm so proud of Luke, too! Yes, Karsten doesn't look that into it, but he sure makes up for it with his cute sweater vest!!