Tuesday, September 28, 2010

today is the day!

Today our precious baby girl is going in for surgery. We are praying that everything goes smoothly and that the doctor is able to get out all of the needle from her leg. Thanks to everyone who is helping us with the other kids and for all of your prayers.


Mama said...

Ran across your blog just now...our daughter had a succesful surgery in February....it was a life changing thing for me. It was hard to watch her go through the surgery....but uplifting to know that He goes before us and that he loves our children even more than we do. He taught me so much during that time. Praying for you and a speedy recovery for your daughter. You have a beautiful family!

Mama.Sienna said...

I have read your blog a few times and just read all the post on sweet Ainsley. Sorry that she is going through this but hope and pray she had a successful surgery and smooth recovery. God Bless.