Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Surgery went great!

Ainsley's surgery went great today. We are so grateful and thankful! Every person that we came in contact with at the hospital was so caring and kind. We are so lucky that we have health insurance for our kids.... it is a blessing we should not take for granted.
When we walked into the recovery room I was so thankful our baby girl was laying there sleeping in peace. She would open her eyes and look around and then go back to sleep. After about 10 minutes she started demanding her "wants". She wanted a drink, to eat, go bye-bye, and saying she was all done. We jumped on her demands and we were leaving the hospital a little less than an hour after her surgery was done. By the time we got to my sister's house to pick up Karsten she was running, singing, dancing, and happy as can be. We are praying that this positive attitude of hers stays and that she isn't too sore in the morning. Thanks again for all your prayers..... it is seriously unbelievable how many Facebook messages and texts we got today! We are sooooo thankful God gave us a community of friends and family to gather around us and lift our needs to Him.

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Christy said...

Came to check on you and see how the surgery went.I was praying for you guys and that God would bless your time at the hospital.