Friday, September 17, 2010

breaking the rules...

I have been going through some weird medical issues the last 2 weeks and feel like I have lost control of my life. Not really..... but boy are we breaking all the rules right now! I'm trying to keep on track but man it is hard when I don't feel like following through. I find myself giving in to the kids more and more. Here are some examples from the last two weeks:
-Addisyn doesn't feel like having her hair done...... ok 1 less thing for me to do in the mornings
-Luke wants cookies everyday for snack... fine with me those are super easy to throw in his backpack
-Ainsley wants to pick out her clothes, shoes, and bow..... yep she was wearing her snowman bow and Mickey Mouse Halloween skirt the other day
-They want to eat snacks all the time.... sure this week it is not worth the fight
-They want to give the Polly pockets a bath in the front yard with all my Tupperware.... go ahead just let me sit here and watch
-They want to watch a movie every time we get in the car... sure then I can enjoy a little peace... even though we don't go far enough to get past the previews
-They are playing Wii a lot more lately.... at least it's good hand/ eye coordination
-They want to draw all the time and keep getting out my computer paper..... oh well we will save the trees next week
-Karsten didn't want to run errands so I bribed him with a large grocery store donut
Oh well...... we will get back on track and I will look back at these days and just laugh! Good thing for GRACE!

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Ruth said...

Who's rules are they? Some battles are not going to change the outcome of the war. Enjoy your children. Soon they'll be all grown like you and you'll wonder where the time went!