Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Guess who learned to ride BIG BOY BIKES?

While we were gone on the AMAZING CRUISE our boys learned to ride their bikes without training wheels. When we got home they wouldn't even let us go into the house before they jumped on their bikes to show off. We were so surprised because Addisyn didn't learn until she was 6 years old. We are especially proud of Luke because Karsten always does everything physical before him and this time Luke is actually better at riding his bike. Here are some photos that I captured.
Here is Karsten (just turned 4 this month).... I guess this is his concentrating face? Here is Luke (turned 5 in November). He is always smiling!


Olson Avenue said...

Wow!! Big Boys!! That's Awesome!!

Melissa said...

Wow-that's impressive! Mine were all older than that. And your boys are completely adorable too. Miss all our cruising friends, and the sea air, warm temps, and well, basically everything.