Monday, May 18, 2009

Not me......Monday....

No matter what anyone else tells you none of the following happened this week..... NOPE NOT ME!

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1. No my kids were not standing in awe and watching the tortilla video at California Adventure as if they have not seen it over 30 times.... we always thought it was the free tortilla there were going after but I guess it was the video.

2. No this is not the inside of our toilet all colored in pen.... and of course when I asked Karsten about it he did not said, "Well someone left the pen out for me."

3. No this is not Karsten having a hay day with his sisters stamps. And of course he was not covered in ink from head to done with he was finished. Nope!

4. Of course I would never let Karsten eat off the floor and also straight out of the bowl... nope not me!

5. No we did not have a good time at Disneyland on Thursday until Minnie Mouse decided.....
she wanted Luke to see her.... and of course Luke was not hiding behind the jog stroller and no of course sweet Minnie did not chase after him.... (I'm not kidding she CHASED after him).... yes with a line full of people waiting for her... and no did not traumatize Luke now... I think for a long time. It was actually really a sad and sort of mean situation.

6. No my newest niece was not born last Monday and no she is not the sweetest thing ever.

7. Of course this is not my child who climbed up on the wall at Disneyland to take a drink from the drinking fountain and of course he is not putting his mouth all over it..... nope not me!

8. No my mom, my friend Tammy, and I did not make over 60 of these adorable cupcakes for Ainsley's 1st Birthday! Nope!

9. No Ainsley did not get her 1st Cheetos at her Birthday Party yesterday and no Luke did not freak out because she need "little pieces."
10. No of course I was trying to change Ainsley's diaper in the stroller and she did not decide to pee all over.... nope! Then later we were not trying to figure out why Karsten had wet pants.... and then we realized he had sat in the pee!
11. No the boys did not fall asleep at 5:30 on the way home from Disneyland and we did not put them in their beds and no they did not sleep until 7:30 the next morning! NOPE!
12. No on Thursday our whole family did not sleep in until 8:00am and nope I did not think to myself, "thank you Jesus."
13. No Karsten did not reply, "But I don't have 3 hands!" when I asked him to get me 3 diapers.
14. No my double jog stroller did not get stuck in the gate at California Adventure and no they did not have to call security to come unlock and open this huge gate, Nope... never!
15. No we did not loose Luke's flip flop at Disneyland.... and make him deal with it! We are never mean and uncaring parents.... nope!
16. No I did not make 3 boxes of cupcake mix and on the 2nd box I did not forget if I had put oil in it so no I did not add oil again and then after it was baked they did not all fall apart and the cupcake paper was not filled with grease.... so then I did not have to call my mom to make another batch so we had enough for Ainsley's party.


Christy said...

Ok the drinking fountain picture might be my favorite. I am going to have to get inot this Monday thing I think. :) I could have really done it yesterday but NO I didn't have the energy and NO I did not lay around all day letting the kids play on the computer and eat whatever and NO I did not sleep in this morning only to have my husband get up with the kiddos and make breakfast. :)

The Aten Family said...

Karsten strikes again! That kid cracks me up.