Monday, May 11, 2009

Not me......Monday....

No matter what anyone else tells you none of this has happened in our house this week!
For more not me's check out you will be laughing all day!
1. No we did not have a small Yo Gabba Gabba "family" party for Ainsley on Friday night and no this is not all the kids dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba. And most certainly that is not my daughter freaking out in the blue shirt nope! 2. No this was not one of my Mother's Day presents from Addisyn. No she did not say it was going to grow up to be a nice big Lavender plant. No it is not sitting in my windowsill along with my other flowers. Oh.... and no I do not smell dirt every time I walk near it.
3. No I do no think we have such a precious ONE YEAR OLD!
4. No I did not think after tanking this picture, "I wish my fat thighs looked that cute."
5. No I did not attempt to make a Yo Gabba Gabba cake. And no those pink lines are not falling off the sides and of course they are perfectly straight!
6. No I did not give Ainsley a frozen waffle to chew on.. and no of course it was not on the clean kitchen floor.
7. No this is not Ainsley's favorite present from her party. No she
does not sleep with it at night and she does not get soooooo excited every time she sees it! 8. No Tim and I did not each push a heavy double stroller up a HUGE hill two days this week and no I did not think I was going to die afterwards. Then when we got back home I did not jump in our pool with all of my clothes on.
9. No Tim did not sew a button on his shirt this week, and no he did not ask Addisyn if she wants sewing lessons from him. He would never do something like that. Then he did not proceed to say, "Don't tell anyone that daddy knows how to sew."

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Christy said...

Hey girl, whew those were alot of things you "DID NOT" do. ;) It's me Morgans mama from tubble tots and AKA Christy from Wildwood and RCS. I asked Joanna to send me your blog link. Its really too cute and I plan on visiting often. You can come visit our crew although I am not sure we are as entertaining.......well, maybe Ryanne is. :)