Friday, April 17, 2009

Who's kids are these?????

What is wrong with my children? How did they get to this point? This parenting stuff is crazy.... it is what I thought it would never be. So we are on our way home from picking the boys up from preschool and I'm listening to the following conversation in my backseat.....
Addisyn: "I have to go poo-poo"
Luke: "Oh... what kind of poop?"
Karsten: "Big poop.... or little poop?"
Addisyn: "Well..... I go logs all the time, Karsten you go 1 big log and 1 little ball, Luke you go all little balls, and Ainsley goes smashed logs...."
What I'm thinking in the front seat..... Oh my gosh where do they get this stuff???? What have I done wrong?????


The Aten Family said...

This is hillarious! You're kids crack me up. Never a dull moment in the Stein Family.

Olson Avenue said...

That is awesome!!!!!

Cowen Family said...

You handle it well and with such grace:) So funny!