Friday, April 30, 2010

..... what now????

So..... I love writing for my blog but I feel like I need ideas. I know I post a lot of pictures with very little words. I would love for all of you girl's to give me your thoughts and ideas! I'm looking forward to some creative ideas!


The Thompson Family said...

a day in the life of being a stein!

The Bagley Bunch said...

I've been thinking about doing a series on "Around our house"....around our house Bubba likes to eat hot dogs with a sock on his hand so it's not hot. Or around our house we believe cleanliness is next to godliness--with a pic of my piled high dishes.

Or dude, you could TOTALLY do a "say what wednesday"---with Karsten alone!

I agree with Jannae--all your stops in a day FOR SURE would be entertaining ;) to read about.

What about a review on your hot yoga?? I have no idea what the flip that entails but it sounds fun ;) haha!

hmmm...that's all for now ;) I think...