Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Little Lambs...... The Living Desert

I'm part of a mom's group at our old Church. I love all the moms and connect with them so well. We meet 2 times a month for Bible Study and then meet 1 time a month for an "outing". Today we headed out to Palm Desert to a little zoo there. As you can see in the picture I was way more interested in photographing the kids and not the animals. My friend Jannae just had a baby so we picked up her 19 month old baby and took her along with us. Ainsley loved having her little friend in the car and Addisyn was the best helper with them.

Here is Ainsley, Riley, and Everest playing the drums Addisyn LOVES Baylee.... she is so good with all the babies and toddlers! Here is Addisyn with my friend Michelle's son, Everest..... their green eyes are awesome in this picture!

Sweet Baylee....

My nephew Finnley..... oh I love those dimples!!!!

Everest enjoying a cookie

My friend Lindsey's little girl, Paige

After lunch we decided to go to the little park where the kids climbed through tunnels, went down slides, and played in the water. It was so refreshing in the heat.... the kids got soaked but LOVED every minute of it!

Crawling through the snake tunnels..... you think she is getting tired?

Addisyn's new favorite pose..... big eyes and cheesy smile!

My friend Kristen's son, Riley.... he is so blonde and LOVED his picture taken!All lined up ready to go home!Thanks girls for an AWESOME day..... you girls are a BLESSING!

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Jamie and Krista said...

It looks like you all had so much fun! Sad I had to miss it! Only a few more weeks and I will be off on Maternity Leave...can't wait! =)