Friday, October 16, 2009

Karsten's Oak Glen Field Trip

Today I went with Karsten's class to Oak Glen to visit an Apple Farm. The kids had a lot of fun learning about all different things. I even learned a lot about pigs, chickens, bees, honey, apple cider, and more. This is Karsten's friend Jayden that got to ride with us up to Oak Glen. He was a really sweet boy and I'm glad he and Karsten are friends. This is Karsten's friend Morgan. She is so precious and sweet. Her mommy and I were pregnant with Karsten and Morgan at the same time and it is nice to see them grow up together. Morgan's older brothers went to the same preschool when Addisyn was there. We all got to try some really yummy stuff like: apple butter, pumpkin butter, honey, jelly. It was all made fresh on the farm and really tasty. Here is a picture of Karsten reaching in for apples to put in the press to make Apple Cider. Karsten and Morgan got to throw the apples in the press while Sarah (Morgan's mommy) turned the wheel to press the apples. I got to watch and take pictures. After the farm we all headed down the street to a park to have the fresh pressed apple cider and a snack. Here is Karsten on the teeter totter.

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