Wednesday, October 14, 2009

H1N1... just stating some facts.....

I found this information today and decided to pass it on.
The H1N1 vaccine contains two ingredients you should know about:

1 – Squalene. This chemical is a neurotoxin that was used in vaccines during the first Gulf War and gave 25% of American soldiers Gulf War Syndrome ( ) when they were vaccinated. The courts banned it’s use by the Pentagon but the H1N1 vaccine contains a dose one million times larger than that given to the soldiers. That’s not an exaggeration, that’s the actual dose.

2 – Mercury - One of the most toxic substances known to man. You’re not supposed to even handle mercury, let alone ingest it, let alone inject it. Mercury is a heavy metal that collects in the body and makes you go mad, which is the reason we have the phrase mad hatters. Hatters handled mercury.

There are a number of stories published about this but this is a reputable site with a detailed list of reference links at the end:
This article has a quote from the vaccine maker confirming the mercury content
In addition, the World Health Organization in the UK has warned the vaccine is unsafe:
You may notice that none of these stories come from the US where we’re being encouraged to get the vaccine..... INTERESTING!


Los Claytons said...

THank you for posting things like this. I finally got a few books from the library about vaccines they discuss issues I wish I were aware of during the first year of Cameron's life. It just makes me increasingly aware that WE are responsible for what goes into our (and our kids') bodies.

I am now thinking just because everyone seems to do it, it doesn't mean it's the right thing! So, thank you!

PS - I thought I read that companies are no longer allowed to put mercury in the vaccines. What's up with that?

Olson Avenue said...

Thank you for the great info!!

Christy said...

yup' I've been reading the same stuff and it just confirms my decision to not get shots or get my kids shots. Thanks for the info.