Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Water Fun!

Over Spring Break we went down to Carlsbad for the week and stayed at The Grand Pacific Palisades Resort. In the middle of the week The Kidd family came down to spend the day with us. All of the kids had a BLAST at the little water park. They spent a couple of hours running, swimming, sliding, and squirting! I love our friendship with the Kidd's because they are seriously the kick-back, low key kind of friends that are good with whatever! Thanks for spending the day with us you guys!

I love Ainsley's tongue in this oneSilly girlsGetting ready to slideand she's off....EmmaCrystal having funAinsley getting readyLukeHere goes AdamGo KarstenBrothers..... sliding back to backCarson taking Ainsley for a rideSo funLuke squirting the kidsWater fight

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