Saturday, February 19, 2011

I LOVE Candiquik

After I did this blog post I was contacted by the makers of Candiquik. They just sent me an email thanking me for mentioning them in my post. A couple weeks later I got another email asking for my address so they could send me an "appreciation" gift. I was excited to see what I was going to get! When I got home from work on Thursday this was waiting for me.
A cute pink mailbox filled with pink, red, and white candiquik personalized m& m's, a baggie full of dipped goodies, large recipe cards, small recipes cards, 2 packages of dipping chocolate, and 4 kid's Candiquik shirts.

I can't wait to put the kids in their shirts and get dipping again!


Heather said...

Wow! That package looks amazing! Looks like you will be having some fun times ahead of you!

Miss Candiquik said...

Again - thanks for your support. You seem like such a sweet family! Enjoy the treats :)

The Thompson Family said...

that's awesome! I use those too! they work great!