Monday, November 15, 2010

What's in your hidden closet?

I was thinking this morning about what an organization freak I am. Here are some examples:

1. Each kid has their own shoes bucket

2. All the kids clothes are organized by color and style in their closets

3. All the "toys" have their own box

4. I made the kids organize their Halloween candy into chocolate vs sweet

5. When I'm on it I have a "food schedule" all typed out for the week

But.... then I was thinking about this ONE closet that we have. It is the closet under our stairs that is an absolute mess. I mean a MESS! It's a closet that if you open it you better just hurry and throw something in before everything falls out. Then it got me thinking about sin and life. We all have all these "areas" of life that are well organized and put together but then there are areas that are falling apart. When we get close to the "harder" areas we open the door and throw something in then close it fast. Take time to ponder and think about what your closets are. Do they need to exposed so others can help you organize them? Do they need a "deep cleaning" from God to get you through? One day are you not even going to be able to open that closet door? This week I want you to try to open up your closet and slowly sort through it and see what God wants to reveal to you. You may get overwhelmed at times and have to shut the door for a while but know God is faithful when we cry for help.

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