Friday, August 13, 2010

.... please pray with me

As the end of the summer approaches and we get closer to school starting I'm getting really anxious about Luke stating kindergarten. He has come so far and has improved in every area but I'm still concerned. When Addisyn started kindergarten I had no doubts at all. Addisyn is a overacheiver, perfectionist who is pretty much good at whatever she does. Luke on the other hand needs to work at everything but gives up way to easy. Here are some specific requests for you to pray about-

*his speech improves so he is easier to understand

*he transitions well thoughout the day

*he makes friends and is not codependent only on one

*he learns the classroom schedule so he is not anxious

*he does not "quit" when it is time to learn


Jenni said...

i am praying for luke!!! i know this is exactly how i will feel next year when jonah starts kindergarten. keep us posted! miss you. xoxo

Nikki said...

Will pray for Luke and also for his teachers to help him throughout the day!

Ashley O said...

We will be praying for Luke, his teachers, and the new friends he will make.