Thursday, June 10, 2010

Schools Out!!!!!!!!!!

The summer is finally here. The kids got to celebrate with fun water days. Addisyn's class had a swim party and she had a BLAST!
Addisyn and her friend Natalie
I love this picture of ADDISYN!
Addisyn and Frankie they have been friends for 5 years.
The boy's preschool had a Beach Day with lots of pools, bubbles, and shaving cream.
Here is Karsten with his best friend, Jayden.
Luke loves having fun with his teacher.... here he is throwing water at her.
Luke's friend Parker trying to get him with shaving cream.
Luke running around like a crazy man
Luke playing peek-a-boo
Jolie swinging on the swings
My handsome boy, Karsten
Tyus playing in the shaving cream

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Jenni said...

your kids are adorable!!! love these pics!