Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swimming Lessons

The kids just got done with 2 weeks of swimming lessons and they did great. The boys had a rough start but after about 3 days of crying they ended up learning a lot!
Addisyn loved the diving board... she would jump off and take off and swim across the pool to the other side. She also learned to diving and floating.

Karsten was the less confident... which is sort of surprising. But toward the end he would do whatever the teachers would ask.

Luke is a pleaser so he would do what the teachers asked but would be scared at first. As soon as he got comfortable he was good to go.

Poor Ainsley she had to be strapped down in the stroller for an hour while the kids swam.... I just kept giving her snacks and she actually did great!
Here is Luke learning to swim under water.
Here is Karsten swimming under the water with their swim teacher, Mrs. Kimm.
Go Luke GO!
Luke really liked floating. He looks tense in this picture but he really liked it!
Karsten just hanging out on his back with his teacher.

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Christy said...

thats great. so nice when the kids get safe AND comfortable around the water.