Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday

I found this fun thing to do every Monday... so please feel free to join in.... it is so fun to read other peoples "not me" stuff.If you are interested in joining also find the link to the right or check out the "my charming kids" blog" Here I go:
1. This week Addisyn did not ask me how babies were made and I did not try to totally dodge the answer. She did not continue to say "Come on mom you made 4 of them... so tell me."
2. Karsten did not see Tim giving Ainsley a bath and Karsten did not announce "Wow she has a winnie like Addisyn."
3. I did not talk on my cell phone all the way home from Fallbrook without using my blue tooth... no not me.
4. I did not let my kids order a Pazookie from BJ's... I mean I did not let them EACH order one... no not me.
5. I did not let Karsten drink some coffee this week... no not me.
6. This week did not say "Mom you have a skinny bottom" and Addisyn did not blurt out, "No you don't you have a fat bottom."


Anonymous said...
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The Bagley Bunch said...

hahahahahahahahah--I am SO starting "not-me Monday" next week! So fun!!! These are so cute girl :)
<>< VB

Kelly said...

I'm quite guilty of talking on the phone without my ear piece. I just try to keep an extra eye out for cops, which I guess makes me even more distracted while driving!

Anonymous said...

That is TOOO Funny. I love it!
Love you guys,
Auntie Jill

Wendy said...

LOL! So did you have the "talk" yet? Chloe and Austin know that women have eggs and they are okay with just that answer so far.